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Alphard in the natal chart

The name Alpha of the Hydra constellation translates as the “head” of the mythical reptile, but in fact looks more like its eye. It has a most complex destructive effect on a person’s fate, acting like a serpent, tempting with permissiveness and the idea of godlikeness, and at the same time, if a person realizes this ancient shadow in himself, he can become the winner of the Hydra like Hercules. Alphard’s projection in the natal chart is 27° Leo.

The problem is that the native himself enjoys the sweet poison of evil, and the internal aggression and desire to destroy, poison, and take away are so strong that he finds peace only after the collapse of something good. It is believed that maniacs and terrorists are born under this star, but, like many of her brothers with the nature of Saturn and Venus , Alphard destroys only what is already initially corrupted by genetics and upbringing; at a high level of development, it makes it possible to subjugate and control evil.

Features of the star Alphard in the natal chart

The second meaning of the star’s name is “one who stands alone on the sidelines,” and this best characterizes the manifestation of Alphard in a person’s life. However, it would not be amiss to recall that the fixed stars act only under the condition of an exact aspect with the degree of the planet or the cusp of the house . If an important point falls at 27° Leo, then the native initially stands out from the crowd.

On the one hand, Alphard’s important gift is considered to be a deep understanding of human psychology and the ability to artistically express the most complex experiences, especially those associated with the awareness of the sinfulness of one’s desires and needs of the Shadow. Such people always influence the minds of others because they understand their weaknesses and pain points. Very often they become heroes of generations, and Alphard presents them as fighters against evil, obscuring destructive actions.

For example, one of the owners of Alphard’s conjunction with Neptune, Comandante Che Guevara, is sung in poems and songs, his image is romanticized, while information about the terrorist acts and mass executions he carried out is omitted. Neptune is a complex planet. In conjunction with Alphard, he influenced the Bolivian hero to develop asthma and an irresistible addiction to female sex and smoking. At the same time, he placed Che Guevara on the pedestal of a fighter against evil, a patriot-liberator.

In general, it has been noted that owners of Alphard are sexually addicted, and sometimes very concerned about this issue. Depending on their upbringing and environment, they can be both temperamental individuals and maniacs. Of course, not everyone who expresses Alphard becomes a criminal; this requires additional factors, but nevertheless they cannot be called faithful partners, since being with one person is simply boring for them.

In addition, money is of great importance to such a person, but the ways of obtaining it are not so important. That is why the native is ready to sacrifice his conscience for the sake of material comfort and easily achieves any goals.

Alphard constantly creates chains of temptations associated with four main links: sex, career, wealth, popularity. This is where you will have to constantly make a choice between morality and desired pleasure.

Negative influence of the star Alphard

In the worst case scenario, a person himself becomes a seducing serpent, tempting young souls. A man seduces girls and mercilessly abandons them as soon as he gets tired of them; he can also be a gigolo, but very demanding and subjugating to his will.

A woman also uses her charms to gain much-desired wealth or status advantage. Such people absolutely do not care whether the object of desire is married or not, whether there are children who will suffer from their relationship. All they need is material confirmation of their desirability and visual appeal. This applies not only to money, but also to other areas: getting an interesting position, role, real estate, etc.

Alphard’s Neptunian influence is also expressed in poisonous speeches, real poisonings, and addiction to alcohol and cigarettes.

The most clearly demonstrated qualities of the native are heartlessness and survival under any conditions. It is very difficult to bring such a criminal to justice.

Conjunction of the star Alphard with other planets

The location of the star on the Ascendant makes the native a creator of evil and violence, unless he approaches this issue consciously and takes the position of an active fighter against dark forces. However, this happens extremely rarely, and usually after tragic events. Survival in difficult conditions takes on the character of a phenomenon if Alphard is on the MC, and the native can also become famous due to this gift.

Cunning, deceit, and violence are also given by a connection with Mars. If he is affected, then Alphard superimposed on the Moon creates the risk of drowning or infection by all kinds of viruses. The native may also suffer from the bite of rabid animals and poisonous insects.

Connecting with the Sun helps you join the world of the rich and famous, and become famous yourself, but a complete loss of everything, including your reputation, is possible.

A coincidence with the Moon foreshadows problems with your wife and mother, danger from water and poisons, in approximately the same direction as when connecting with Neptune. Union with Mercury creates a clever swindler, and with Venus gigolos and kept women.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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