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Alphecca – Gemma in the Natal Chart

Alpha of the Northern Crown is also called Gemma (Pearl), because she is considered the most valuable and careful patroness of all that is beautiful: art and beauty in the broadest sense, both those who have a magically attractive appearance, and those who create masterpieces or simply pleasing to the eye things. In the natal chart, it is at 12-13 ° Scorpio, but the star has an impact on the native only if there are major aspects at this point, especially conjunctions with other planets.

The nature of Alphecca is similar to the energies of Venus and Mercury, which makes it easy to convey the meanings of one’s values to people and to give form to dreams. In addition to the constantly growing creative potential, the star gives the native a beautiful appearance and happy love, although it does not protect against envy and intrigue associated with these gifts. Connection with evil planets does not exclude susceptibility to infections and viruses. If there are luminaries and planets in the 12-13 ° of a fixed cross (Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus), Alphekka will bless him with her gifts.

Features of Alphecca in the natal chart

The constellation of the Northern Crown is associated with the myth of the ancient Greek god of wine, Dionysus, who kidnapped Ariadne and took her to a beautiful island of prosperity. At the wedding, he presented her with a wonderful crown, which he later raised to heaven in the form of a star Crown.

It is believed that those born under her patronage, with the connection of Alphecca with the planets and important points of the horoscope, will never lack anything, thanks to their artistic talents, love of literature, art, and at the same time the ability to easily and beautifully sell, monetize their abilities as in small business, and translate creativity into a commercial basis.

On the one hand, such people bring new values to the world, reveal the depths of knowledge in art and psychology and beautifully present them to the masses, on the other hand, they can be associated with information gypsy and global scams.

At a simpler level, the star of Alphecca bestows on the native:

  • external beauty, elegance of speech and manners, dexterity of hands and graceful movements;
  • creative potential, which is not spent, but on the contrary, is constantly replenished with new ideas, meanings, skills;
  • the ability to be attractive to the opposite sex until old age;
  • poetic and artistic abilities, nobility, intelligence, delicacy, mercy.

The main talent of a native at an average level of awareness is the ability to speak well and find a common language with different people.

This is clearly seen in the example of Mark Twain. However, there are other options: the famous spy and dancer Mata Hari and the infamous producer Harvey Weinstein, to whom Alphecca gave scandalous fame, as well as an addiction to various sensual pleasures.

Partly because of this, they remained in history as not the most positive examples, because the influence of Alphecca suggests that the native will become famous in the field of arts, but exactly how this happens depends solely on the person himself and his spiritual qualities.

Another ward of Alphecca – Sigmund Freud became famous for deep immersion in the already known field of psychotherapy and the discovery of new meanings in it, which perfectly corresponds to the mission of this star.

The negative influence of Alphecca in the natal chart

The star is associated precisely with the female crown, respectively, she gives more honors to a woman when exalted than to a man, whom they easily make narcissistic and dependent on personal popularity.

There is a very interesting moment of influence, Alphecca on social success. If the native enjoys calm progressive achievements in the area indicated by the planet in conjunction with the star, then he really smoothly rises up the career ladder without any problems. But the rapid rise is fraught with consequences.

If the native wants everything at once, and without having time to prove his professionalism, receives a change in status or a high position under patronage, we can talk about disasters, bankruptcy, loss of reputation.

Alphekki conjunction with other planets

Depending on the union of a star with other participants in the horoscope, the eventual manifestations of its strength will vary. Connections are considered first, but the exact major aspects are also essential:

Sun, Jupiter: sharp mind, organizational skills, success in literature, politics, sports, but the native is greedy for flattery, selfish and quickly gets used to easy money, which weakens and hinders development.

Moon: rewards will come for selfless service to people, but once you get a taste of profit, it immediately declines. It is necessary to follow your mission, despite intrigues, envy and betrayal.

Mercury, Venus: success in literature, journalism, commerce, but the laziness of the body often blocks the sharpness of the mind. You need to play sports and choose your friends carefully.

The connection of Alphecca with the higher planets is considered quite difficult, it brings many sudden changes and dangerous situations, but if a person creates something beautiful for the world, he will come out of all trials with honor.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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