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Alferats in the natal chart

Alpheratz (lat. Alpheratz) – a fixed star of the 2nd magnitude is considered lucky and, to some extent, a guide, because as soon as a person reveals his talents, they begin to guide him through life like Ariadne’s thread. However, Alferats is located in the constellation Andromeda, and in the natal chart it can be found at 15° Aries. Translated from Arabic, the name of the star means “the navel of the Mare,” because Oriental astrologers then called Andromeda the Heavenly Horse. The Greeks also initially attributed it to the constellation Pegasus.

One thing is obvious – a pronounced Venusian influence, which promises the native many honors and wealth through the practical application of his natural artistic talents, but this can be prevented by laziness, addiction to sensual pleasures, long sleep, endless food and the usual comfort zone, while at the highest level the native is required to be a seeking creator, and not a sybarite.

Features of Alferats in the natal chart

A fixed star is rarely happy in the earthly sense. Yes, conditionally favorable stars help fulfill desires and receive joy from being in this world, but the person himself also needs to make an effort.

At a minimum, recognize your talent by the position of Venus and Neptune in the house and sign, and also steadily develop it. A person may have the makings of a dancer or a doctor, but if he does nothing to acquire new skills and does not hone them to perfection, then there will be no glory. Very often people believe that the star itself will lead them to success and wonder why nothing important happens.

In this regard, Alferats is somewhat different from many of its counterparts precisely in its location in the sign of Aries. After all, any planet in conjunction with it here gains fiery support, which means it actively pushes the native exactly where he can manifest himself.

According to modern astrologers, in addition to Venus, the epigones of Alferats are also Mars, Uranus and Jupiter, which suggests a rather sharp and sudden manifestation in life and of course this corresponds to the energy of Aries. However, all this must correspond to the spheres of Venus: beauty, art, finance, justice. The purpose of man is to serve beauty, order, art through practical activities, which Mars loves so much.

Thus, it turns out that the native can succeed not only as a superstar, which often follows from interpretations. Yes, Alferats as the “navel of Pegasus” sometimes really works as a trigger for taking off to the pinnacle of world fame, but only in case of connection with the Ascendant, MC, Sun, but much depends on the personal choice of the native and the characteristics of his chart. If there are no obvious artistic talents, then practical skills will help you find success.

Alferats helps you to succeed as a jeweler, banker, lawyer, notary, cabinet maker, florist, tailor, fashion designer, hairdresser, makeup artist, fitness trainer, and to become not an ordinary performer, but a truly amazing master of his craft.

The star also gives a kind heart, the ability to be sensitive to people, to see the cause of their problems, and most importantly, to quickly solve them.

Negative influence of the star Alferaz

The symbolism of the Alferats star, in principle, involves the transformation of hatred into love, so the kind and sensitive heart of the native often encounters situations where the masterpieces he has created are destroyed or criticized. This happens at an early age, when the child is faced with injustice and burns with righteous anger.

This activates an acute rejection of evil, lies, and bad behavior. Instead of becoming embittered, the native decides to confront the darkness. In many works of such people, a red thread runs through the line of struggle against injustice, the idea of equality and brotherhood of all people.

The main task of Alferats’s ward is to turn evil into good, to treat destroyers mercifully, showing through his example that it is possible to live differently. This in itself is a difficult task, but there is no other way.

Alferats gives good luck to those who perform feats for the sake of love, not forgetting about their own value to the Universe. Popularity comes to those who treat people kindly. If a person shows vanity and pride, then loneliness, isolation, jealousy of partners, and destruction of what he has created awaits him.

Alpherats conjunction with other planets

Depending on the aspects with other planets, the eventfulness created by the energy of the star changes. The strongest connection is considered to be:

Sun : the native easily achieves fame, receives recognition of his merits and becomes an example for many. However, he quickly loses interest in everything. If he chooses to rest on his laurels, he will quickly lose everything.

Moon : parents and friends will provide great support and help. Success in continuing the family business if it matches the theme of the star. Problems are created by bad habits and emotional instability.

Mercury : The native will succeed as a judge, journalist, writer, but one’s own tongue can become the enemy of the person. It is important to advocate for justice, but not to get personal.

Venus , Mars , Jupiter : great success in the profession, subject to active activity.

The main thing is to eliminate laziness and leave the comfort zone more often, then Alferats will support all the wildest aspirations of the native.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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