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Algol in the natal chart

The fixed star Algol from the constellation Perseus in the sign of Taurus is associated with many terrible myths and stories about the demonic influence on fate. She is credited with events leading to the beheading, physical or metaphorical, when a person loses power over himself due to insanity, intoxication, violence.

Algol is the center of the head of the Gorgon Medusa, which, according to legend, was cut off by Perseus. A monster with snakes instead of hair turned anyone who looked into her eyes into stone. This myth quite accurately characterizes the impact of Algol, because the native cannot resist the flow of destructive events until he begins to mirror the negative impact on other areas of life, using aggression for his own good. This one requires strong willpower, self-discipline and humility, as well as a creative approach.

Features of the star Algol

The enemy must be known by sight. This double star eclipses itself with a frequency of several days, and this is especially active from May 16 to 19, which means that the power of the dual nature and the flashing permanent eclipse should become the basis for an endless transformation.

Changes and steady growth are associated with the house of location and the planet with which the star is associated. Unfortunately, they are often accompanied or preceded by tragedies and terrible losses, but this is not always the case.

To understand the meaning of any fixed star, one must delve into the history associated with it. Medusa was a beautiful goddess, oracle and sorceress, but because of intrigue and envy, she was beheaded and turned into a gorgon. However, in the depths of the monster, there is still magical power, wisdom, and the ability to transform and transform. That’s the point – even being in captivity of unbearable circumstances, continue the battle for your independence and uniqueness.

The nature of Algol is predominantly Saturnian, but there are still features similar to Mars and Uranus. This makes her karmic lessons sudden and painful. And yet, her destructive passion has a feminine energy. In the same constellation of Perseus, there is also a male crushing force – the Capulus Nebula. It turns out that they and Algol are the opposites of one violent storm.

The destructive effect of Algol

One can imagine a female demon literally devouring her master’s passion through the planet with which she is in union. Of course, there is an inadequate “sticking” on the topic of both the planet and the house, because the star also has the features of Lilith, and a frantic desire to become the best, and if it doesn’t work out, take revenge and grind the whole world to powder along with the offender.

Like the Black Moon, it distorts meanings and leads a person away from his true goal through tempting sinful emotions, always associated with passion and destruction, even if in the eyes of the owner of the card he fights for justice.

If the native is carried away precisely by the destructive side of the power given to him, it turns into huge misfortunes against himself. This happened in the lives of Princess Diana, Hitler, John F. Kennedy and many other celebrities, in whose eyes reality looked completely different than other people saw it.

The peculiarity of the connection of Algol with the planet is in the unique ability to bewitch crowds of people, inspire them with ideas that the native believes in with all his heart, even if they are far from the truth, and in the case of Hitler, they are also deadly for millions of innocent victims.

On a more mundane level, Algol gives:

  • loss of head: physical injuries, inappropriate behavior, falling in love with someone who devalues and destroys, however, it is worth noting that death from decapitation, which astrologers of antiquity attributed to the union of Algol and the Sun, is extremely rare, it is more about a figurative meaning;
  • intoxication, poisoning, intoxication, insanity (additional values are needed);
  • needless death by negligence or from one’s own propensity to violence.

It is worth noting that many owners of the fixed star Algol were unbridled impulsive natures, and not being able to control the power of energy, they themselves destroyed themselves.

How to work out the star Algol

If a person is spiritually developed, he understands that he can bring a lot of benefits to his country and the world as a whole, remaining in positions of goodness, but not soft-bodied, but with fists. These people achieve phenomenal success in sports, politics, art, military affairs, becoming a national treasure and a symbol of the era. In some way, for this they were given the star Algol. It can be compared with the ring of Omnipotence: it drives some crazy, gives others the power to rule the world. Accordingly, much depends on the initial alignment of forces in the natal chart.

In addition, let us turn again to the myth: having cut off the head of the Gorgon Medusa, Perseus made her his obedient tool and won many glorious victories. So the native must be shown that he is above sinful destructive ideas, and also show healthy aggression, symbolic egoism and assertiveness in the sphere of the house where Algol stands, and in the affairs of the planet that is in contact with it. The easiest way to do this is for athletes who are in a constant battle for first place, and politicians because of the specifics of their activities, but this is also possible in other areas.

Algol in conjunction with Mercury – you need to think about where you can officially apply caustic wit and biting language, maybe become a satirist, humorist, critic or journalist. In alliance with Venus – create your own values, live deliberately rich and beautiful, causing envy and admiration, with Mars – go in for extreme sports, make a military career tough and without sentimentality, with the Moon – destroy traditional postulates in pedagogy, medicine, cooking, but instead to offer the world something new and better.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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