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Algorab in the natal chart

The binary fixed star shines with a bright white-yellow and purple glow and is clearly visible through binoculars. It is located in the constellation of the Crow, directly on the lower left wing, at 13.27 ° Libra. It is no coincidence that astrologers of antiquity noted the predominant Saturnian energy of Algorab. In the negative, the native turns into garbage all his achievements and talents, destroys everything he created, intentionally or suddenly, under the influence of anger or disappointment.

However, one should not forget that crows, like wolves, are the orderlies of the forest, which means that, ideally, fate instructs the native to boldly unweave the nets of negativity, saving the bright and beautiful from evil. You can become a destroyer, but it is better to be a fighter against demons, dirt and lawlessness, because it is courage that distinguishes the owners of the connection of Algorab with personal planets. She will make a quiet and sensitive person a victim, while she will glorify a strong person as a hero.

Features of the influence of Algorab in the natal chart

Double fixed stars always have a contradictory effect on fate. Their energy contributes to the rapid rise of a person, but at the same time destroys the hidden side of life.

So, for example, Algorab in the map of Britney Spears served as a trigger for worldwide fame, but at the same time, she was completely dependent on the guardianship of her father, alcohol, her Alphonse husband, and in fact her life behind the scenes was a prison.

Perhaps the same courage of the Raven, represented by Algorab, helped her to fight and make public all these facts, to recognize the tendency to self-destruction, because it is honesty that is the salvation and exit from the Saturnian labyrinth of trials of this star.

Algorab owners can be incredibly charming and repulsive at the same time. Sometimes people around them feel an inexplicable antipathy towards them, find fault, criticize, even poison, and this is very hard for the owner of the card.

And for the person himself, the connection of a star with the cusps of houses and other planets brings literally a direct collision with something vile, dirty, lustful in those areas for which the participants in the conjunction are responsible.

If this is the 3rd house, then the reason for getting into muddy stories will be neighbors, classmates, distant relatives, 7th house – partners and enemies, 4th house – danger awaits in the very place of residence, possibly from family members, 1st house – the person himself easily degrades and corrupts myself.

The task of the native is to resist dirt and lust, and even if he became a victim, to find in himself the strength and source of pure emotions, inspiration, love and forgiveness in order to rise above those who tried to soil him.

The negative influence of the star Algorab

In general, the main influence of this star is destructive and evil, but it depends only on the strength of the spirit of the native whether he directs him to serve the light or remains in darkness.

The most difficult situation on the cusp of the 12th house is when a person is literally immersed in forced isolation (hospitals, prisons), so that there he begins to cleanse the soul of unnecessary husks and strives to do good deeds. Sometimes this is a sign of unfair condemnation of society.

If Algorab stands on the border of the 4th house, then the native brings misfortune to his loved ones or becomes an unwitting accomplice of destructive events in their lives.

However, before you blame yourself, you need to remember that nothing happens just like that. Such events mean that too much rubbish has accumulated in the lives of loved ones, which is impossible to get rid of except through stressful or tragic situations.

The positive influence of the star Algorab

At a high level of development, a person is given a high position in society, he is favored by representatives of show business and the arts, and most importantly, by developing his creative abilities, he acquires the gift of prophecy.

Often, Algorab is a harbinger of a long life, if the main alignment of the planets in the natal chart does not contradict this, however, the conjunction with Saturn most often weakens the vitality and it is difficult for a person to resist psychological overload. The body reacts with psychosomatics and quickly collapses. In other cases, one can speak of longevity, especially if the native is fighting evil around him, and, accordingly, fulfills the stellar karmic task.

The conjunction of the star Algorab with the planets

The subtleties of the manifestation of a star depend on the characteristics of the planet with which it has connected within no more than 1 °.

Sun: as in the case of other stars, the aspect portends success in any public activity, especially in politics, sports, show business, but there is still the prospect of success in activities that allow you to bring dark things to light: the profession of an investigator, lawyer, detective. However, the native himself must be honest, otherwise his case will be investigated.

Moon: success awaits in working with secret and charitable organizations. Suspicion and suspiciousness often hinder a career. Painful dependence on mother and wife (in men), and women unknowingly harm their children with overprotection, or vice versa, it is difficult for them to show maternal instinct.

Mercury and Venus: a rare charm that hides outbursts of cruelty and self-destruction. The desire to live by ideals and strong disappointments in these ideas.

Mars: Success in business and military environment, but rude behavior, arguments, strife accompany the native through life and cause much harm to both him and his family members.

Those who have the Algorab star must avoid any dirt, both figuratively and literally, even the house must be kept perfectly clean.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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