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Alioth in the natal chart

A fixed star of 1st magnitude, Alioth, epsilon of Ursa Major, has a strong and ambiguous influence on fate. All the stars of this constellation are associated with seven sources of spiritual knowledge. A person is called to receive them or transmit them in the sphere of the house where the connection with the planets occurs. Alioth is projected on the ecliptic at 9° Virgo, accordingly, feminine energies, attention to detail, missionary work in any field and selfless service have a fateful significance here.

The native loves freedom, but prefers to travel in comfort, and not with a heavy backpack on his back. This is a conductor of higher knowledge, a good teacher and preacher. He will even give a lecture with the inspiration of a priest. However, in family life he may face troubles and conflicts, again associated with the desire for independence and free movement around the world.

Features of Aliot in the natal chart

There is endless debate about this star. In the time of Ptolemy, it was believed that it did not have a strong influence on fate, since it was located very far away. Later they noted the destructive Martian influence. In modern times, it has been joined by the energies of Mercury and Venus . This impact is very strong, but it is necessary to take into account many additional factors: the nature of the planet with which the connection occurs, the house, the zodiac sign.

For example, the classic interpretation of the merger of Aliot with the Sun is considered to be an obsession with suicide. However, if the Sun is strong and the personal planets are not affected, this will simply be a periodically arising thought in moments of strong emotional upheaval, but it will not lead to real action.

Another option is when the Sun is afflicted, there are a lot of personal planets in decline and expulsion and the karmic line of destruction is read. Here, accompanying circumstances can push one to commit suicide. For women, this most often causes problems with pregnancy and failures in their personal lives. The man also has disappointment in love, betrayal of friends and problems with self-realization.

However, Martian energy can also be directed in a productive direction. The native sees the goal and confidently moves towards it. It is a conqueror and a conductor of knowledge. Another thing is that at the first failure he falls into despair, is disappointed both in the goal and in himself. If he learns to cope with defeats and set new inspiring goals, showing Virgo’s common sense, he will become a teacher, guru, politician, athlete, public or religious figure.

The calling of such a person is to interact with large masses of people, without confining himself to the family as a unit of this society.

The native’s mission is to serve in any field of activity that interests him and to resolve conflicts peacefully. Thus, he pacifies his own aggression and pride. Aliot’s influence can be harmonized through charity and helping people. It is also often manifested in the cards of artists, adventurers, scouts and travelers who explore other countries not just out of personal interest, but to tell other people about it, for example, bloggers and TV presenters.

Also, with this star position, you can achieve a lot by being a teacher in another country, especially when it comes to transferring knowledge of your culture.

Negative influence of Aliot

A person sometimes destroys his own destiny by showing intolerance, anger, and resentment. He is constantly drawn to distant countries, he cannot calm down and go about his business in his homeland. However, there are other important points to consider.

If Alioth is conjunct Jupiter, moving abroad will be very favorable. However, the location of the star on the MC and on the cusp of the 12th house indicates the danger of emigration. The star also brings disappointment in love and loved ones.

Alioth conjunction with planets

Of course, the exact aspect with any of the personal planets or with important points of the horoscope concretizes the manifestation of the fixed star in real life. It is also important to see whether there are squares or oppositions to 9° Virgo or whether a certain planet is located here. Despite the attributed suicidal tendencies, the conjunction with the Sun and Moon has a much more varied meaning:

Sun : high position in society, law, sports and business. Disappointment in big ambitions, desire to pass on one’s knowledge to talented people.

Moon : help from animals, a gift from a doctor and a veterinarian, difficulties with pregnancy and raising children due to suspiciousness and pickiness.

Mercury : ability for exact sciences, detective investigations, scientific works, caustic tongue, tactlessness, sarcasm, emotional dryness.

Venus : prudence in achieving a goal, the ability to accumulate huge capital from scratch, talent as a fashion designer, designer, sculptor.

Jupiter : passion for travel, the opportunity to become a teacher in another country or bring foreign teachings home. Disappointment in religion, family, patriotic views.

A very interesting connection is Alioth with Chiron , thanks to which a person becomes a herbalist, healer, acupuncturist, and Lilith , who bestows an incredible eye and the ability to create a whole picture from the smallest details.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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