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Alkaid (Benetnash) in the natal chart

At the very tail of the constellation Ursa Major at 23 ° Virgo is the star Alkaid, which is also called Benetnash. Already from the very symbolism of the name, “leading the mourners in the funeral procession”, it is clear that the impact of the star will bring many strength tests. Alkaid is credited with the nature of Mars and Saturn , which, under favorable circumstances, gives victory over enemies, the ability to quickly ascend to that throne that a person has outlined for himself in plans and considers his own.

On the other hand, the combination of Mars with Saturn portends many tears, losses and problems throughout life, a tendency to violence and cruelty. The person himself is prone to fanatical persecution of dissidents, aggression and, with certain indicators, to psychopathy. If there are congenital diseases, and the planets in the natal chart do not display this, you need to look at the location of Alkaid: whether he is in aspects or on cusps of 1, 6 and 12 houses.

Features of Alkaid in the natal chart

The star crowns the end of the handle of the Ursa Major bucket, that is, symbolically on its tail. As it is not known where the tail will wave during the run of the animal, so here – the main feature of Alkaid is the constant unpredictability of events in a person’s life. Fate is constantly shuffling cards and stability is not to be expected.

The principles of Saturn are constantly violated by Mars and the only thing that can be done is to get used to living in an era of change. Otherwise, you cannot cope with such stress. It is especially difficult for people with a predominance of the earth element in the map to adapt. They build a strategy for success, and under the influence of Alkaid (Benetnash), everything collapses. Accordingly, success comes to those who own it, who know how to adapt to ever-changing circumstances.

According to modern astrologers, the star also has the nature of Venus and Mercury, which helps her wards get out of a difficult situation with minimal losses. For example, being surrounded by enemies, or losing documents and money in a foreign country. Indeed, Alkaid gives energy precisely to salvation from dangerous circumstances, but its main meaning is the mourning of a large number of people.

The native himself can escape, stay alive, even after a shipwreck like the Titanic, but will probably grieve for those who could not. Compensatory here will be participation in funeral processions, staying in cemeteries, even if you just bring flowers to the grave of unknown soldiers and empathize with their failed lives, because fate, one way or another, will put a person in a situation where he will have to cry over those who left earlier time.

Particular attention should be paid to the position of this star in horaries and transit forecasts. Its conjunction with planets that have aspects with other parts of the horoscope and cusps of houses portends grief for a large number of people, respectively, if there are still indications of accidents or danger from aircraft, such factors will be a sign that you can get into the center of a mass disaster.

Most often, nothing threatens the native himself, which cannot be said about the people around him. In this case, it is best to make transits for all family members traveling with the native in order to understand whether they are in danger.

The positive influence of Alkaid in the natal chart

Like other fixed stars, Benetnash has a significant effect only in exact conjunction with the planets and house cusps . In this case, he gives talent in the topics of the sectors where he is, but most often these are artistic talents that are applicable in art.

In addition, if the native decides to develop and advance them professionally, then Alkaid will provide him with protection from the intrigues of competitors. Simply put, if someone touches such a person, then everyone around will cry. This is also how the symbolism of the main mourner Ursa Major is played. Sometimes the person himself does not understand why, regardless of his actions, offenders suffer, but he sees that this is exactly what happens. The main thing is that this should not serve as the beginning of permissiveness.

The task of the native is to reveal their creative abilities and apply them to the maximum. For example, if he sings touching songs, writes poems that cause tears, plays tragic roles, he will thus work out the negative side of Alkaid’s influence.

Pavel Globa believes that this star is favorable for women and endows them with mercy, love for the world, and strong intuition.

Conjunction of Alkaid with other planets

As always, depending on the contact with this or that planet, there is an individual mixing of energies, and it is played differently in the horoscope. It must be remembered that the orbis here should not exceed 1 °.

Sun: a brilliant career in business, where you need to take into account many small things and create a whole picture from them. The problem is the need to overcome many obstacles, in the process of which the native begins to mercilessly go over the heads in order to achieve his goal.

Moon: popular popularity comes through empathy and pity for the native, either he is in the role of a victim, or, in a more advanced version, he helps a lot those who are in trouble and wins the respect of the people.

Mercury: great influence on people through the word.

Venus: influence on minds through talent.

Mars: Success in politics, but the decisions made will frighten most people.

The most important thing is to avoid fanaticism and manipulation of the feelings of others through self-pity in any area of life.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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