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Altair in the natal chart

Altair, alpha of the constellation Aquila, is the closest spectral star to earth after Sirius that can be seen with the naked eye. Its name is translated as “heart of the eagle” and is associated with the sacred birds of antiquity, which faithfully carried out the orders of Zeus, be it the torture of Prometheus or the salvation of innocent mortals. Altair is projected onto the ecliptic at 2° Aquarius, the connection with other planets should be as precise as possible with an orb of at least 1°.

Although Altair has been called the bird of Jupiter , according to astrological research its influence is more similar to the energies of Mars , the Moon and Uranus . He creates a courageous person, adamant in moving towards his goals, a loyal warrior, a pioneer and explorer who is not afraid to cross the Rubicon. In conjunction with personal planets – a brilliant career, but with a negative aspect, he easily loses all the advantages.

Features of Altair in the natal chart

If a person wants to prove himself in a matter that requires a certain courage and desire to penetrate the secrets of the Universe, serving for the benefit of the world, then Altair will definitely support him and elevate him to the heights of world fame.

Interestingly, this star was clearly shown in celebrity charts. The ascending Altair merged with the culmination of Saturn at the birth of Leonardo da Vinci, which gave him the gift of a brilliant designer, who was in many ways ahead of his time. Many of the artist’s drawings were taken as a basis by subsequent generations. Rumor has it that some of da Vinci’s inventions seemed to come from the future. This is exactly how Altair’s eagle insight manifests itself.

Another, no less famous harbinger of the future, the writer Jules Verne, was born during the culmination of a star on the setting Moon, which gave unimaginable proportions to his imagination. He could imagine the smallest details of places he had never been to, and the most interesting thing was that everything coincided.

In John Lennon’s chart, Altair connected with the Sun, which gave him the ability to lead his musician friends into a new reality, create unique songs and, of course, world fame.

The symbolism of the Eagle is not only belligerence and a focus on victory, but also pride, the desire to be equal among the strong, elected by the highest representatives of power, insight and loyalty.

All owners of aspected Altair are distinguished by self-confidence and faith in their victory, even if all the circumstances are against it. For example, the Beatles were denied a contract by more than 30 studios, but John Lennon was sure that they would all become famous and did not let them lose heart.

A characteristic feature of the star’s wards is an aquiline nose, predatory nostrils, and a certain alien appearance, even if the Ascendant is not affected. They make connections with high-ranking people and may shy away from ordinary people who do not meet their standards.

To be fair, it must be said that they avoid poorly educated individuals who violate personal boundaries, because the eagle tribe does not tolerate familiarity.

Modern astrologers still believe that now Altair is manifesting the energies of Jupiter and Mars, and the rest seem to have gone out, therefore, despite the favorable influence on the military, lawyers and politicians, in the case of a low level of development of the native, it can become the cause of fights, bloodshed and discord.

Negative influence of Altair in the natal chart

In the presence of negative aspect, and most importantly, arrogance, snobbery and aggressiveness expressed by other planets, the star brings the native to the center of destructive events, which he himself most often provokes. Altair’s power is enormous.

It depends on the person himself how exactly he uses it. A man at a low level of awareness most often destroys other people’s destinies, can become involved in crime, a woman becomes the cause of strife, fights, and competition between men.

Without high goals, such people do not know what to do with the powerful energy that attracts them somewhere, and begin to tickle their nerves with dangerous sports, communication with dangerous individuals, often with criminal intentions, and can join an organization with obvious chauvinistic or fascist slogans. They are attracted by aggression, through which they can rise. However, it is these energies that will ultimately lead to ruin.

Altair’s connections with other planets

Only a conjunction with the Sun will give worldwide fame . In other cases, popularity will not last, although this period of exaltation will be quite bright.

The location at the top of the 8th house gives danger and fear of heights, even death associated with it, in the 10th house – exaltation due to the ability to act quickly and decisively.

Conjunction with other planets will have the following effects:

Sun : success, honors, fame, leadership qualities, but poor health, danger from reptiles and amphibians cannot be ruled out.

Moon : such people are everyone’s favorites, but being emotionally dissolute they easily make enemies. Glory awaits in literature, history, archeology, provided that artistic talents are developed. Difficulties with childbearing.

Mercury : the ability to find a way out of any difficult situation, fight with words and win. Ideal for lawyers. A person sees prophetic dreams, travel brings both success and disappointment.

In medical horaries, Altair is often a harbinger of recovery and a sign that a person is committed to a victorious battle with the disease.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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