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Alcyone (Pleiades) in the natal chart

The most controversial and relatively evil star of Alcyone is in the constellation Taurus. The ancients said that she sits on his shoulder. She was considered a star chicken – the Mother of the World, the middle point of the Universe, around which the planets revolve. It is the brightest star in the Pleiades Nebula at 0.42′ Gemini and is therefore considered an accurate projection of the Pleiades and the key to the possibilities hidden within them.

Despite the destructive influence on human physiology, in particular, it is Alcyone that portends blindness and facial injuries in conjunction with the Sun, Moon and Ascendant, it gives a huge boost of energy to fulfill the ambitious plans of the military and careerists. The contradictory nature of the star with the features of Mars and the Moon on a global scale is associated with sadness and tragedy, but promises a good harvest in agriculture and in the field of ambitious ideas. In his personal life, he inclines to multiple betrayals, since the Pleiades are 7 girls according to legend. It is important for the native to make the right choice in time and not get confused in vague illusions.

Features of Alcyone

It is believed that this star is closely associated with vision, but if the ancient astrologers took it literally, predicting blindness due to physical injuries during transits from Alcyone to the Sun, Moon and Mars, it is noted that such cases have become quite rare in modern times, as well as prognostication of marks on the face from smallpox and similar diseases related to it.

As a representative of the Pleiades Nebula, it is really connected with vision, but it is more about deep immersion in the essence of things, the opening of the third eye, incredible intuition about the planet with which the star is in contact and metaphorical insight.

For example, Mercury in conjunction with Alcyone in the chart of Sigmunt Freud gave him a unique vision of the root causes of mental problems, which no one had dared to voice so boldly and deeply before. Accordingly, he metaphorically opened the eyes of millions of people to the root of their difficulties in relationships and the psyche in general.

Since the nature of the star is similar to the energies of Mars and the Moon, important and fateful events, as well as spiritual insight for women, occur through men, and for them, on the contrary, from the fair sex. It is no coincidence that in conjunction with the luminaries, personal planets, cusps of the 5th and 7th houses, Alcyone attracts many teacher partners, making the native an incredibly attractive, prominent person. However, she does not mean happiness in her personal life, but rather trials and disappointments as lessons in the search for true values.

Being on the Ascendant, the star creates spiritual blindness. A person seems to be around a foggy false personality, and he himself wanders in search of his destiny, style, vocation, not understanding who he is.

The Pleiades are the seven weeping sisters in ancient Greek legend, and symbolically Alcyone suggests that the native will mourn for something in the sphere of affairs of the planet with which she is associated.

In horary forecasts, this value also remains, and in medical matters it also portends problems with the eyes, ears, and tongue.

The positive impact of Alcyone

In addition to the unpleasant outcome of the case and disappointments, the star carries the energy of the patronage of high officials, but the positive meaning here is very arbitrary, because you have to pay for everything.

In addition, the sexual background of the case is not excluded, when the boss expects a very peculiar compensation from a woman for privileges and bonuses. Sometimes men also find themselves in this situation, or they need to pay with money and status services after achieving ambitious goals.

Alcyone blinds and when the native fulfills his desires, gains a high position, he often behaves inappropriately, like an old woman from a fairy tale about a goldfish, and then cries, losing everything because of pride and snobbery. However, here it is useful to make a remark that the culprit of the problem is the native himself, who could not cope with the energy of the star.

Of the uniquely good things, one can note a deep inner connection with nature and the animal world. The native understands them without words and can even get help at the right time, from protection against attack by intruders to emotional inspiration and finding the joy of life.

How to work out the star Alcyone

Connections with personal planets give a lot of opportunities that you still need to be able to keep and properly dispose of. The union of Alcyone with the Sun is the key to a successful career in politics, military affairs, in the legal field, with the Moon – success in agriculture, medicine, pedagogy, with Mercury – good luck in all areas related to communication with people.

The ideal option would be a deep immersion in the matter of interest to the native and the discovery of a new vision of this topic. The more discoveries the native makes, the less likely vision problems are.

Arrogant behavior, criticism, condemnation, gossip should be avoided, however, elaboration consists in playing these energies within the limits of decency, for example, initially living your life at a high level, becoming a leader, and if you criticize, then professionally, competently and not offensively, from the point of view the eyes of an expert, not a layman, helping other people to discover the best in themselves, write about world events on a blog, and not gossip on the phone.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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