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Antares in the natal chart

The influence of a star is not easy to endure. This is too powerful energy, which, even in a positive sense, can turn into self-destruction if a person ignores the mission from above. Antares is considered the star of disasters, as when massive natural disasters occur, she is often involved in this process. However, its influence on the fate of the individual personality is much more subtle. It is one of the four royal stars, the guardian of the western sky, and is located at 10° Sagittarius.

If at this point there are connections with personal planets, then the native is a strong and confident person. He has a powerful navigator inside of movement towards the goal, to which he is led by the wisdom of past incarnations. He just knows how to get where the soul wants. However, inaction here is fatal. Unfulfilled desires and the impossibility of development for one reason or another destroy from the inside and turn the owner of the card into an embittered and unhappy person.

Features of the star Antares

On the map of the starry sky, Antares is located at the top of the hypothetical head of the constellation Scorpio. At the same time, it is important to remember that in the natal chart it has a great influence on the entire horoscope as a whole, if there are connections with luminaries and planets at 10 degrees of Sagittarius. In any other case, it is unlikely that the native will feel its energy, although it is powerful with a clear influence of Mars.

Antares is a red spectrum mega-star in our galaxy, and its very name means Anti-Ares. In Greek mythology, the god of war was not called Mars, like the Romans, but Ares. Accordingly, the name of the star suggests that, unlike him, it is aimed at decisive creation, and not at destruction.

This leaves an imprint on the character of the native. He seems to oppose the leading power, or shows disobedience, irascibility, impulsiveness in the affairs of the house where the star stands. Sometimes it’s good. In dangerous situations, the native seems to let go of the reins of control and let instinct lead him where he needs to go. Thanks to this quality, he finds himself surrounded by the powers that be, who can help him, or comes out unscathed from catastrophes and natural disasters.

The belligerence of Antares is not aimed at killing enemies, it is manifested in courage and independence of judgment, breaking stereotypes and courage in battle, in which the native is involved against his will.

The temptation here is black magic, because due to the innate impatience and desire to get everything at once, a person often turns to magic to speed up the process. It is categorically impossible to do this, because the meaning of the powerful energy donated to the native is to independently and creatively follow the path of personal growth without disturbing the balance of dark and light forces.

With pronounced egoism, destruction in the process of achieving the goal is not excluded, but nevertheless, the native will also show generosity and nobility.

The positive influence of the star Antares

Most importantly, the star promises the native great success and glory in the sphere of affairs of his house, that is, where the 10 ° of Sagittarius falls. Its influence is especially strong in the 10th house, because a person will become a very important person for the whole world, moreover, if he consciously refuses the glory and mission that preceded popularity and honors, destructive events await him. At a minimum, internal and external degradation, from which he himself will suffer greatly.

Usually, when Antares connects with the planets, the native feels from childhood that he was born for the realization of a great task, he is drawn precisely to the sphere that the planet represents in aspect.

It is harder for women than for men to apply this energy harmoniously, because the Martian nature encourages them to act tough, openly, bluntly claiming what they liked, both in relationships and in their careers. On the one hand, this is the key to success, on the other hand, men shun and even fear such straightforward and active girls, and loneliness becomes the price of popularity.

The Antares energy allows its wards to command the crowd, put them into mass hypnosis, lead them into an attack or revolution, but very often the native uses it for more peaceful purposes, becomes a movie or show business star, but due to impulsive actions, he can also lose overnight everything and fall into the abyss.

Men under her influence are incredibly attractive and have many children and grandchildren.

Antares conjunction with other planets

The star gives the sympathy of high-ranking people, but the native will not obey them. It is important for him to be an equal, not a servant. And here lies the danger, because he is perceived as a rival and contender for someone else’s throne. Depending on the connection with the planets, you need to choose the tactics of behavior:

The sun is the destiny of a person to become a commander, politician, show business star, athlete or public figure. Violence and threats come just from celebrities, their children and friends. It is important to shine, but not to outshine others, to help and do charity work.

Moon – wealth, success and prosperity in medicine, politics, science, pedagogy, while any suppressed negative experiences are quickly transformed into diseases. Benefits and dangers from women.

Mercury – a sharp mind, a bright sense of humor, quick figurative speech allow the native to achieve success in any intellectual activity and business. The native has many connections, friends and patrons, but he easily loses everything due to careless statements and criticism.

The conjunction of Antares with Venus and Jupiter is very favorable. They neutralize the negative consequences, but the confluence with Mars, Uranus and Saturn increase the likelihood of suffering from the envy of enemies for the success of the native. You should also avoid the forces of evil, promising the quick achievement of goals, any violations of morality and free will.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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