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Arcturus in the natal chart

The pale orange star of the first magnitude in the constellation Bootes has a complex and significant influence on human life. In the fate of different people, it will manifest itself in the sense that it is closer to the scenario of life described in the natal chart. Arcturus is larger than the Sun, but much colder than it. He has as many as 6 epigones: the Sun, the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Mars. If at 14-15 degrees of Libra there is a connection with one of them, then this topic will become the leading one in the life of the native through the prism of the Arcturian influence.

The major aspects with the luminaries are especially significant, because initially Arcturus implies some secrets associated with birth, and later forms enmity and confrontation both with parents and with people authoritative for the native, which makes life very difficult. The main difficulty is a misunderstanding of a person’s actions by loved ones. Even if he tries to do something good, it is perceived in a negative way. This can only be countered by constantly showing nobility and explaining your motives.

Features of Arcturus in the natal chart

The ancient Greeks called Arcturus the bear’s keeper or the bear’s watcher, emphasizing that the success he bestowed was always associated with tension and watching for some danger somewhere nearby. At the same time, the one who follows the movement of a wild beast always has a resource to defeat him.

Of great importance are the aspects of the star with other participants in the horoscope. If they are positive, you can count on a fairly easy passage of the obstacle course, but negative ones promise a lot of litigation, and the native does not always do something illegal. Most often, he is made a scapegoat or his intentions are misunderstood and attacked. Therefore, the owner of the major aspects of the planets and important points of the horoscope with Arcturus is always on the alert in anticipation of a bear attack.

In a positive sense, the star gives the following benefits:

  • wealth, fame, authority, success abroad (if there are appropriate indications of Jupiter and the ruler of the 9th house), in distant wanderings and in professions related to the sea;
  • good luck in business and establishing justice by force, which is favorable for lawyers, policemen, politicians;
  • great physical strength, endurance, talent as a trainer and magician;
  • good luck in the position of leader when opening exactly new paths in the affairs of the planet with which there is a connection (you need to look at which house of the horoscope it controls).

In general, Arcturus in one way or another leads the native to his mission, in no case should you deviate from it, this is fraught with big problems. Hint – the destination is always associated with the image of a pioneer, so often the native starts his own business from scratch, moves to another country, takes risks and even quarrels with household members who are against his mission.

It begins with the family where a person is born. He, like an alien from another planet, differs in his desires and thoughts from the views and values of his parents, from an early age entering into confrontations with them.

The negative influence of Arcturus in the natal chart

Arcturus is considered an evil star, although this is not entirely true, it’s just that few people can really go to their destiny, sacrificing comfort, and also rarely can anyone cope with the huge power that he radiates, so self-destruction begins. Such people need to live in big cities, where there are many opportunities for self-realization, otherwise they will simply die from auto-aggression.

Arcturus destroys cowards and liars. This does not mean that one should not be afraid, because the emotion of fear is the most natural for a person. However, one should not deviate from the set goal, being afraid of difficulties. From this moment, a black streak will begin, from which it will be difficult to get out. However, this is valid only for owners of exact major aspects in 14-15 degrees of Libra.

At a low level of spirituality, which does not exclude talents and abilities, Arcturus gives sexual perversion and licentiousness.

Conjunction of Arcturus with other planets

The influence of the star is very meaningful and varied. She gives someone unprecedented luck, someone has been chasing a symbolic bear all his life, and some die in a fight with him. It is also necessary to take into account other planets with which the native has aspects in the chart:

Sun : success in legal and public affairs, victory in disputes and confrontations, however, being in the public eye always attracts enemies and competitors. A very good position for athletes and actors, while if the native is subordinate and dependent, he will never be able to please the authorities, he needs to become famous, but at the same time avoid star disease.

Moon : a happy family after marriage or marriage, many friends, connections, thanks to which there is progress.

Mercury : success through friends, practical mind, good positions, but a lot of talk behind your back, harm from gossip, denunciations.

Mars : wealth, however, and the danger of squandering it due to addiction to pleasure, a quick-tempered violent character, this is compensated by sports and military discipline.

Most favorable conjunctions with Venus and Jupiter . They bring easy money and the sympathy of other people, provided that the native uses the high position for the benefit of the world and others. Problems in the family and marriage that may arise from negative aspects can be compensated by showing devotion, fidelity and nobility.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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