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Aspects of Neptune and the Ascendant

Neptune conjunct the Ascendant

You are partial to the environment, people's opinions, food, drinks and drugs that are acceptable to you. You would be better off always surrounding yourself with positivity. You can develop your mental faculties if you do whatever it takes, even making sacrifices. Everything has a price. When serving others, do not become carefree about choosing someone to trust. Don't believe every heartbreaking story you hear. People need to learn how to take care of themselves on their own. Remember that you cannot save the whole world – we must save ourselves.

Harmonious aspects of Neptune with the Ascendant

You have empathy and pity for others. Chances are that you developed your intuition and mental abilities in a past life, and these talents may manifest in the present moment. You are creative and possibly sensitive to the needs of others.

Tense aspects of Neptune with an Ascendant

You can be unselfish in a relationship, even too much, and at a loss. Do not try to save others and avoid a relationship in which you assume the role of a martyr or victim. Be strong and don't let others take advantage of you just because you are a kind and helpful person. You may lack self-confidence, which can make you trust someone who is not worth it. Be independent.

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