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Aspects of Uranus and the Ascendant

Uranus conjunct the Ascendant

You are an unconventional, rebellious, independent person who is ahead of your time. You strive to change things and people around you. You are a highly excitable and nervous person, so you tend to go too far and do, do, do until you collapse. Your ideas are original, creative, intuitive and talented. You do not want to be attached to anything or someone.

Uranus in harmony with the Ascendant

You have specific ideas in your head and you are a very independent person. You think creatively, original, fast and always ready to accept new information and knowledge. You like to work on different projects at the same time. You easily adapt to the situations and changes that life confronts you. You prefer to learn everything through your own experience.

Uranus in dissonance with the Ascendant

You are always on the move and can get bored quite easily. Other people stimulate, delight, and entertain you. You crave the freedom to do what you want, when you want. You undoubtedly enjoy running many projects at the same time. Sometimes it seems that you are simply overwhelmed with nervous energy. You enjoy being around unusual people, and you have enough of these connections. Relationships can be quite difficult as you don't want to commit or feel attached. This rebellious nature can get you in trouble. Calm down and be patient. Sudden outbursts will get you into trouble.

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