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Aspects of Uranus and Pluto

Uranus combined with Pluto

There is a power to help you change outdated social systems and structures at your will. It is up to you whether to use this power for your own purposes or for the benefit of society. Rest assured that you will be dashed if you choose to use your power to satisfy your own selfishness. You have a certain dependence on the masses. You have enough will and resilience, unless you are distracted by many projects at once. Focus on one thing before moving on to the next. You should remember one truth: “what you sow, so you reap”, so sow carefully and wisely. In a sense, you can leave an imprint on the memory of society.

Uranus in harmony with Pluto

You have the ability and skill to use your creative mind to do something good for society. You can experience many changes in your life as part of a spiritual rebirth that will help you and others to evolve. You instinctively know that this is necessary for your absolute success, so you can easily endure difficulties. You want to change what is wrong in the world, but you can do it without violence, destruction or rebellion.

Uranus is in dissonance with Pluto

It's hard for you to learn independence. You know it's nice to do something for yourself and rely on your own strength, but at the same time, it's too easy for you to lean on others and carry most of the burden onto them. You have a strong emotional need to rely on those you love. The constant changes in your life make you feel anxious and insecure, which is why you so want to throw all the litigation onto others.

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