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Betelgeuse in the natal chart

One of the brightest stars in the constellation Orion projects onto the ecliptic at 28° Gemini, along with Polaris, which shines at the end of the tail of Ursa Major. Betelgeuse greatly influences the life of modern humanity. Its influence is especially bright and powerful during the summer solstice, since it is located near its point. Orion was revered by the Egyptians as the main god Osiris, the source of life-giving energy.

So Betelgeuse gives a person incredible ambition and eternal glory, if, of course, he strives for such. In any case, career prospects, extraordinary charisma, the power to change the fate of both one’s own and another person, the ability to quickly advance in the topic of the house where the star is located will always be at a person’s service. Its energy contributes to the victory of light over darkness, and even when someone tries to use this power for evil purposes, it is useless, as proven by the failure of the Barbarossa plan, conceived by Hitler for this purpose.

Features of the star Betelgeuse

People knew about the existence of this star in ancient times. Now astronomers do not rule out that in the near future it will go out and a Betelgeuse supernova will be born, which means that fateful events for the world will be associated with this.

The conductors of the star’s energies are Mars , Jupiter and the Sun ; if they are strong and harmonious in the natal chart, then its influence will be positive and powerful.

First of all, this star is a benefactor for the military. She helps to become famous both on the battlefield and by creating battle strategies. Projecting this property onto peaceful life, one can assume success in business according to the same scheme.

In a woman’s chart, Betelgeuse in conjunction with the planets, on the one hand, also foreshadows fame and a stormy active life, on the other hand, this is not very favorable, since the girl will have to show masculine energies in order to achieve success with the help of the star. Because of this, men perceive her as a partner, admire her from afar, but are in no hurry to fall in love. Such women often remain in history as an example of courage and heroism, but they are not always happy in love.

The general impact of Betelgeuse promises great success in sports, politics, the artistic field, and in principle in any area of interest to the native, because it includes punchy energy and charisma. Such a person can charm any interlocutor.

If the planets in aspect to Betelgeuse are well aspected, then happiness and good luck accompany the native throughout his life. Moreover, all the positive properties of the strong planets of the horoscope are multiplied, and the negative ones are weakened.

In terms of psychology and physiognomy, Betelgeuse endows its ward with a kind and peaceful character, a beautiful, noticeable appearance and the makings of a leader, which the native himself must develop.

Negative influence of the star Betelgeuse

Under certain circumstances, karma prescribed in the horoscope and complex configurations, fame comes to a person after death, which does not always mean a long life.

The world still remembers A. Lincoln and Martin Luther King, to whom Betelgeuse really gave national adoration and fame, but the fact that they were killed in the prime of life at the peak of their destiny played no small role here.

Of course, these cases do not mean that you need to pay for the popularity bestowed by a star in blood, but nevertheless you need to carefully study your natal chart at the time of danger in order to know exactly where you should not go.

Betelgeuse rising gives fame and sex appeal from a young age, as happened with Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. The fact that they both died in the prime of life has nothing to do with it; it is rather the influence of other cumulative factors.

A setting star brings success and prosperity only in old age.

Conjunction of Betelgeuse with other planets

Through the energies of a particular planet, Betelgeuse influences a person and embodies its protection. The greatest success is considered to be its merger with the Moon, Jupiter and the Sun at 28-29° Gemini, which promises earthly luck and good fame throughout life. Individual connections are also significant:

Sun : among specialists in politics, sports, show business, as well as in related fields. However, if you slip up, you can lose everything. In terms of health, there may be acute infectious diseases, liver and heart problems.

Moon : the ability to achieve goals with soft strategies, unobtrusively and easily. World recognition in the areas for which the Moon is responsible, but long periods of melancholy, depression, and digestive problems cannot be ruled out.

Mercury , Venus: success in literature, theater, conversation, commerce. A hot temper and a sharp tongue can provoke enemies to violent actions.

Mars : talent of a commander, athlete, businessman. It makes women incredibly sexy, but also awakens masculine energies, so that they are admired from afar.

Danger from fire, from lightning in a thunderstorm, firearms if Mars is afflicted or rules the 8th and 12th houses.

Saturn, Uranus : the gift of the cunning Odysseus, thanks to his practical mind and ability to confuse his interlocutor with sweet speeches, the native always comes out unscathed, and even always in profit.

The native’s calling is to develop the talents given to Betelgeuse and implement them with benefit and positivity for the world.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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