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Deneb Adige in the natal chart

Deneb Adige (lat. Deneb Adige) – the bright white alpha of the constellation Cygnus is projected onto the ecliptic at 5° Pisces. If there are planets or important places in the horoscope at this point, cusps of angular houses for example, then the native was born under the happy blessing of the creative forces of the Universe. However, the dual nature of the star still requires maintaining the line between inspiration and extravagance, much depends on the overall picture of the natal chart.

The original name Deneb Adige was translated from Arabic as “chicken’s tail,” since at that time the world of the sky was perceived as the domain of the Great Heavenly Hen, which lays stellar eggs, so this only emphasized Adige’s proximity to the source of creative forces. The star endows a person with the talents of a writer, actor, musician and scientist.

Features of Deneb Adige in the natal chart

The element of the star is predominantly fiery, and the energy is akin to the conjunction of Uranus, Venus and Mercury. The symbolism of the Swan is clearly manifested in its effect on fate. The royal bird is associated with beauty, grace, nobility and high position. It adorns the coats of arms of many cities, considered a symbol of good luck and divine blessing. However, in various myths, the swan also signifies separation and long journeys.

In general, star luck does not always mean the luck desired by an ordinary person. Likewise, Deneb Adige gives many talents, fame and creative development, but to awaken them sometimes it is necessary to part with family and go on a long independent flight. The swan is also a symbol of power, but in a figurative sense.

The native is given the power to change the world around him through personal spiritual growth. Art plays a significant role in this mission, so if the owner of the card has planets at 5-6° Pisces, it means that from an early age he is encouraged to engage in art of any kind. Even if his profession is far from creativity, the disclosure of the necessary energies, consonant with Deneb Adige, will help him reach his destination and avoid dangers.

The most important thing is to become a person with good taste, high moral qualities, believe in goodness and create something new. Thanks to this, the star will always guide the native on the path to success.

Even if the native wants to become an artist, writer, painter, photographer or poet, Deneb Adige will help him not only in gaining popularity but also income from sales. Most owners of a pronounced star can be proud of record sales of their works, such as the writers Selma Lagerlöf and Hermann Hesse, for whom Deneb Adige was connected with the Ascending karmic node, as well as the unsurpassed Leonardo da Vinci: at his birth, the Moon was in conjunction with the star.

The native is distinguished by a fresh creative perception, a sharp mind, ease of learning, a desire to glorify his native country with his creativity, or it happens quite by chance that he brings benefit to it, as for example, the archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann found the treasures of Troy and took them to Germany from Turkey, which gave him the country receives considerable profit and credibility through the right to send them to exhibitions in other museums.

Negative influence of Deneb Adige

Although this is a symbol of good luck, much still depends on the level of human development and the presence of tense aspects. What should be original creative thinking and fresh artistic perception can turn into extravagance and eccentricity, which makes the native also popular, but as a “city madman”. The lack of artistic education does not remove the desire to create from the heart, but only what is created by the native will be strange and incomprehensible to most people.

The swan is a bird that fiercely protects its chicks and nest. Accordingly, the native enters into confrontation with the world in an effort to prove that his creations are the best, but if they are primitive and unfinished due to the lack of the necessary skills, it looks funny and absurd.

Conjunctions of Deneb Adige with other planets

The best thing is when the Ascendant falls at 5-6° Pisces, which helps create a unique personal brand and style. However, the star also has a beneficial effect on fate, being on the cusp of houses 2, 3, 9, albeit from a slightly different perspective. It gives good luck in travel and protects against accidents. This position is favorable for pilots, racers, and transport drivers of any rank.

You also need to take into account connections with other planets:

Sun : success in literature, sports, show business. It is important to develop creativity and self-confidence in public from an early age. Good luck in monetizing creativity.

Moon : Gives incredible ingenuity. Man creates something that did not exist before and that will improve people’s lives both at the everyday and at the spiritual level of reality.

Mercury : writers, poets, journalists. A bright literary gift often brings problems, making people oppositionists or extravagant.

Venus : good luck in creating a new value system in the field of finance, art, music.

Mars , Jupiter : prosperity in social activities, sports, politics, pedagogy.

Connections with higher planets imply a responsible mission of service as a creator and innovator. Talents, as a rule, are revealed far from their homeland during travels and even on short trips.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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