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Deneb Algedi in the natal chart

One of the most difficult double fixed stars to interpret consists of the bright yellow supergiant Alpha 1 and the giant Alpha 2. It is located at 24° Aquarius when looking at the natal chart, but astronomers place it in the constellation Capricorn, the location at the very tail. The energy of Deneb Algedi correlates with Jupiter and Saturn , which already indicates its contradictory impact on fate. If in a particular person’s chart it connects with luminaries, planets and important points, his life will be marked by constant ups and downs, joys and trials. It turns out as if Jupiter gives, and Saturn limits.

Adherents of honesty and justice, strive to achieve a high position in order to make the world a better place, but they do not like such people, because they bring meanness to the surface, and being advisors to the powers that be, according to their purpose, they come into conflict with those who whisper wrong decisions to them . The stars’ wards rush between good and evil, and often cannot rejoice at their own successes.

Features of Deneb Algedi in the starting map

This star is often confused with another, lucky Deneb Adige (5° Pisces) in the constellation Cygnus, which patronizes writers and artists. In contrast, Deneb Algedi is not seen in an exclusively positive impact and manifestation of artistic talents, given the location in two structures subject to Saturn: the constellation Capricorn and the sign of Aquarius.

Where there is a planet of karma, there will always be trials and lessons. Despite the fact that the star Deneb Algedi, like Adige, brings wealth and fame, such a person will do both good and evil, empirically distinguishing one from the other, and of course, most often he will not be an artist, but a politician or a public figure.

At the lowest level of manifestation, this star correlates with the energy of Water, which means the sensitive and impressionable nature of the native is easily led to bad things, absorbing like a sponge both the virtues and vices of those around him. This video is especially clear for children, for whom the combination of Algedi with planets is generally unfavorable.

Firstly, in this case, success occurs during the period of growing up, and secondly, for this to happen at all, it is necessary from early childhood to instill in the child the concepts of higher values, justice, to cultivate in him kindness, empathy and generosity as opposed to the lower manifestation of Saturnian coldness, greed, stiffness.

If in childhood and adolescence the native gets used to succumbing to temptations and destructive emotions, in adulthood he will not be able to accept the energy of Jupiter, but will be constantly dependent on the fluctuations of his own and others’ moods, especially if in his horoscope there are connections of Deneb Algedi with the Moon and Neptune, and they are additionally affected by negative aspects. Such people are like toys in the hands of fate and with an innate attitude of victims.

The Avestan school of astrology even considers Deneb Algedi a devilish star akin to Algol , blaming her for various endocrinological and mental health disorders. However, modern research shows that the stars under their care are very susceptible to psychosomatics. Any negative experiences they have quickly transfer to the physical plane.

The fact is that the events that happen to them happen exactly according to the algorithm of Dr. Hammer, the founder of the psychosomatics system: quickly, dramatically, in isolation. The very character of the star contributes to this, and how exactly he will react depends on the individual energies in the native’s chart.

Positive influence of Deneb Algedi

If there are lucky royal stars in the chart, for example in the constellation Libra or Regulus at 0° Leo, then it is more than likely that the native will become a magnanimous ruler, a boss who, with the help of wisdom and knowledge, competently guides people and directs them towards the path of development.

Deneb will also give organizational skills and the ability to be useful to the powers that be. It is interesting that many sources mention help from the clergy.

Deneb Algedi conjunction with planets

Depending on the aspects with other participants in the horoscope, the star in the tail of Capricorn will manifest itself differently. Particular attention should be paid to the luminaries:

Sun : probability of success and glory with good aspect with other planets, restrictions from the father and husband, movement towards the goal in spite of them. Shame and falling from the heights achieved are also possible through the fault of a spouse, friends or children.

Moon : the gift of a people’s leader, people are inspired by the native if he demonstrates a willingness to serve and work, and follow him towards the goals that he sets. Difficulties with self-expression in women due to the coldness and ambition of the mother, also the likelihood of losing a good name if the Moon is afflicted.

Mercury : high intelligence, understanding the ambitions of other people and the ability to lead them to the heights of success. Excellent coaches and psychologists. Good contact with animals. When affected, there is clouding of the mind, outbursts of mental aggression.

Venus, Jupiter : can do evil, hiding behind good intentions, tempt with its creativity, or for the sake of the desire to sell and earn money, it is associated with such creative projects that destroy the light in a person through the substitution of values.

It is important to remember that Deneb Aldegui expects her mentees to wisely use the power they receive from her, even if it is not a very high level, such as a position as a teacher or security guard.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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