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Deneb Kaitos in the natal chart

Deneb Kaitos, also known as  Difda and  Beta Ceti , is  the brightest star located on the tail of the constellation Cetus; it emits gloomy energy that hinders many endeavors. Fixed stars have a very complex, multifaceted Saturnian influence on fate. One of them is Deneb Kaitos. This scares most people, but it is worth noting that the exact conjunction of the planets with the star at 1° Aries in the natal chart is really significant .

Considering the pronounced Martian and Saturnian energies of such a union, the native becomes impulsive, unrestrained, rude, and makes many enemies due to his character. In addition, various restrictions constantly arise in his life, affecting physical and mental health, as well as forced isolation, for example, imprisonment for fighting and theft, dismissal from work after a rude conversation with his superiors.

Features of Deneb Kaitos (Iota Ceti) in the natal chart

Just as the tail of a whale moves smoothly to the right, left, up and down, so the life of the native does not have a solid foundation. A person is subject to constant fluctuations, not only in decision-making (especially if there is opposition to 1 degree of Libra), but also on the event plan. The main sign of such a native is a lack of stability in life and self-confidence. This largely results from his outbursts of rage, anger, and resentment towards those for whom everything in life is calm and smooth.

All of the above is especially clearly visible when Deneb Kaitos is connected with the MC and the Ascendant . In the first case, a person constantly falls down from the gained height due to circumstances beyond his control and climbs up again. Secondly, he himself doesn’t know what he wants. They sign him up, for example, for an interview, vouch for him, but he does not come to the meeting or suddenly behaves so rudely that it is not possible to keep him at a prestigious place of work. That is, such people themselves ruin their lives if they are led by emotions.

Another direction of Deneb Kaitos is the gradual weakening of the psyche, chronic illnesses, sudden losses of funds, business failures. Of course, you shouldn’t think that it’s impossible to change such things, but the native will need much more effort to achieve success, and then stay at the top, than someone else.

All this has a karmic basis. To understand the course of events, it is important to evaluate the position of the Ascending and Descending nodes, to establish whether there is a connection between them and the rulers of Aries, or maybe the planet in conjunction with Deneb Kaitos rules one of them. This will help you understand what the problem is and find out how to compensate for it.

With positive aspects, changeable success in the chosen field of activity is possible. The takeoff period alternates with trials and problems. Pavel Globa calls people with a pronounced Deneb Kaitos star weak social opportunists, emphasizing that despite a strong desire to shine in high circles, fate constantly returns them to their original positions.

Particularly negative traits of Deneb Kaitos in the natal chart

With additional indicators, the star aggravates the cruelty and arrogance of the native as much as it emphasizes hard work and the willingness to sacrifice everything without regret for the sake of a great goal.

However, it also happens that the native is ready to throw millions of victims into the fire of an idea, as illustrative examples of the cruelty of Heinrich Himmler, the head of the Gestapo of the Third Reich, and Canaris, the head of the fascist counterintelligence. Both had Deneb Kaitos connected to the Moon, which proves their sincere conviction in the rightness of what they had done for their country.

At the same time, in mundane astrology, a star can “press” with militant energy the victory of the side with which it correlates. It is no coincidence that on May 5, 1945, Deneb Kaitos connected with Mars, which was favorable for the USSR.

Conjunction of Deneb Kaitos with other planets

Depending on the contact with other planets, the zone of influence of the fixed star is specified, but in any case it is rarely without destruction and negativity.

Sun : due to selfishness, intemperance and impulsiveness, the native constantly gets into accidents, conflicts with loved ones, bosses and spouses.

Moon : fanatical service to the idea and one’s family, recklessness, suicidal tendencies.

Venus : various sexual perversions, a person will do anything for money.

Mercury : An inquisitive and inventive mind, but fantasies can be violent, as can this person’s literary works.

Mars : violent temperament, tendency towards schizophrenia, cruelty, which is best compensated for by sports.

The influence of Deneb Kaitos is quite scary, because you cannot escape from it and passively live through trials. In any case, they will touch the native to the quick. However, it will be easier to overcome them if you understand the meaning of the lessons, follow the prompts of the Universe, treat people with love and mercy, responding with good to evil.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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