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Denebola in the natal chart

The blue star crowns the tip of the tail of the constellation Leo, but in the natal chart it is projected at 21° Virgo. The stars of this sign have been little studied; mostly only Spica is known, but Denebola is worth special attention. It can either lift you to the pinnacle of success or bring you down to the very bottom. This, of course, depends both on prognosis and on the general picture of the natal chart, however, in mundane astrology, this star triggers natural disasters and catastrophes on a global scale, which is why the owners of its connection with the planets in their chart begin to worry greatly, but on a separate Denebola’s personality is not so destructive.

Possessing mixed characteristics, akin to the energies of SaturnMars and UranusMercury , the star arranges an event swing: the rise is followed by a fall, happiness is followed by despair, wealth is followed by indispensable expenses. The worst-case scenario involves mental illness, poverty and oblivion after a period of honor and glory, similar to the fate of Lady Hamilton.

Features of the star Denebola in the natal chart

It is interesting that initially the star gives the character of a brave man, developed intelligence, multiple talents, both in science and art. Such people understand military affairs well, even without special education, have strategic thinking and know how to draw up multi-move plans. They are good both as performers and as leaders, thanks to their insight and intelligence.

Favorable aspects make a great reformer. No matter who the native works, he will want to expand, improve, deepen those old forms that came before him. It is in this area that he achieves great success and rewards, especially if Denebola is in the 10th house , although placement on the MC itself can bring bad fame after good, since any emotional outbursts in the native’s career become public.

A location on the cusp of the 7th house has a similar influence, only there a lot still depends on the partner, with whom, or thanks to this union, the native learns all the delights of being in the center of general attention, both in a good and in a negative sense.

Among Denebola’s wards the following qualities are clearly identified:

  • nobility, generosity, the desire to help those who are weaker, but also to rise due to this. If the native has even minimal power, he will always be busy solving other people’s problems. This is embedded in his genetics as the basic principle of interaction with the world: you are important and manifest while you help others. On the one hand, it seems that he is an altruist, but on the other hand, here lies the support for self-confidence that he did not receive in childhood.

Of course, this will be most pronounced when the Sun and Moon are afflicted by Saturn or Mars, and especially if one of the luminaries is in conjunction with Denebola.

Is it possible to avoid the prescribed losses, falls, oblivion that follow great honors and glory? It is important to see what exactly will serve as a starting point. Holders of Denebola tend to make hasty conclusions and act impulsively; sometimes it seems to them that there are enemies all around, and they fight with windmills, making irreparable mistakes.

Accordingly, if you work on the harmonization of Mars and Mercury, remembering the dangers of anger, jealousy, insubordination, anger and resentment, you can partially soften the conditions of the scenario, and sometimes manage them.

Negative features of Denebola in the natal chart

The main problem that Denebola creates is that a successful undertaking ends in failure, shame and dishonor. The native could notice this feature in his early youth. Suddenly everything turns out so well and great that it seems like being caught in a powerful stream of luck.

On the one hand, this is true, on the other hand, it is not so easy to stay in it. As soon as a person lets everything take its course, relaxes and retreats into vanity, everything begins to collapse.

This happens due to the second pair of epigones of Denebola: Mercury – Uranus, if the requirements of the Mars – Saturn pair are not met, implying active planned actions to maintain and strengthen success. As soon as the native relaxes, Uranus’ suddenness kicks in to destroy what has been achieved. To prevent the problem, you need to connect the Uranian energies yourself: constantly change types of activities within one niche, acting as both a master and an apprentice, use more innovative techniques and gadgets.

The star also causes disorders of the immune and endocrine systems when the 1st, 6th, 12th houses are affected.

Denebola’s conjunctions with other planets

If Denebola connects with the Moon and the Sun, then in addition to the joyful emotions from a quick ascent to success, fame, and gaining wealth, you should act practically and take care of the upcoming fall in advance: invest funds, secure passive income for yourself, and acquire useful connections.

In this situation, a rise from rags to riches is possible, but a reverse turn is inevitable if the native behaves impudently, carelessly speaks out to the authorities, and especially spends money left and right.

The conjunction of Denebola with Venus becomes the reason for both a quick marriage, since a person’s physical attractiveness is enhanced many times over, and a quick divorce due to new hobbies.

If any of the personal planets are conjunct the star Algol , this foretells death penalty or complete collapse of business.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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