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Fomalhaut in the natal chart

Fomalhaut (lat. Fomalhaut) one of the 18 brightest stars, alpha Southern Pisces, has always been shrouded in an aura of mysticism and mystery. She is one of the four royal stars that emit the divine energies of providence, which in addition to her includes Regulus , Aldebaran , Antares , and of course she has a fateful influence on fate.

Fomalhaut is a lonely and bright guardian of the Southern sky, symbolizing the beginning of a white streak after a time of hopeless darkness. He is located at 4° Pisces and gives his charges the ability to transform darkness into good by connecting creative abilities and talents. His energies act much more softly than those of Antares or Regulus, helping to gain happiness and popularity through the development of spirituality and artistic talent, but there is a danger of going to the astral plane or building castles in the air all your life.

Features of Fomalhaut in the natal chart

Despite the fact that the star is located at 4° Pisces, it belongs to the element of air, and Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn are considered epigones, respectively, the connection with these planets has a special impact on life.

Fomalhaut gives glory through esotericism and art, magic and spirituality, gives a regal appearance (especially if located on the Ascendant ), royal ambitions, but such people rarely strive for real power; influence on the souls and minds of people is enough for them.

Many of them are interested in psychology, because a deep feeling of their own and others’ subconscious and connection with subtle information fields really gives them the talent of a psychotherapist.

In general, such people often receive signs from the Universe, guiding them on the true path. They receive information in some strange and unusual way: a random phrase from a passerby, a line from a song, an image that suddenly appears in their head prompts them to receive encouragement and insight, which is very good for creative people.

The main quality of the native is kindness and dissimilarity from simple materialists, which are the majority of average individuals.

On the other hand, being otherworldly can be difficult for the native, especially if Mars, Moon and Venus are weak in his chart.

If Fomalhaut is on the Ascendant, then the person has every chance of becoming famous throughout the ages. If his ideals correspond to eternal values and coincide with the main trends and demands of modern society, then there is every chance of becoming a successful and popular person. Fomalhaut simply erases immoral and selfish people from physical reality.

Negative influences of Fomalhaut

The native’s main task is to be true to himself and to pure creative thoughts. Sometimes he looks like a child immersed in a fairy-tale world of his fantasies.

Such naivety helps to extract mind-blowing stories and creative ideas from the depths of the subconscious, but at the same time makes it difficult to pass tests. And for each of Fomalhaut’s wards there is his own temptation (sometimes there are several of them), which must be passed with honor. If a person shows selfishness, vanity, arrogance, and begins to monetize something base, for example, making money by selling bad books, products, vulgar videos, or any thing that takes away from spirituality, then he will lose everything.

Fomalhaut with bad aspects provokes defects in appearance and brings disrepute. A native with a weak character is also susceptible to addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Conjunction of Fomalhaut with other planets

Like any fixed star, Fomalhaut is significant for a particular person only in aspects with other planets. The interpretation of meanings depends on this. The strongest connection is considered to be the connection:

Sun : The native is often influenced by manipulators who take advantage of his talents. There is a strong temptation to follow your vanity and forget about the mission of a pioneer and innovator. You need to be wary of poisonous snakes and insects. It is difficult for the native to receive his inheritance, both material and to discover genetic talents, but if he can, he will definitely become famous.

Moon : determination, optimism, charm. Temptation comes from the mother, wife, women of the family. They can encourage the native to sacrifice his conscience, to choose a profession not according to his vocation, but according to his level of earnings. It is necessary to avoid confusion in finances and relationships.

Mercury : writers, diplomats, journalists. The mindset of a seeker. Trouble from denunciations, slander, intrigue and a great desire to complain and write to all authorities at the slightest infringement of his rights, which creates a reputation as a brawler.

Venus : Fame will come to the native, but whether it will be right or wrong depends on his level of development. Usually it seems to the native that he works a lot, tirelessly, without seeing himself from the outside.

Mars : the most dangerous combination. On the one hand, a person goes towards the goal decisively and with pleasure, on the other, he destroys himself. Friends often turn out to be enemies, young men are jealous, even if the native is a woman, they perceive her as a competitor. Strong attraction to drugs and other realities.

It is interesting that in combination with many planets, including evil ones, the star warns of the danger of poisoning, bites of predatory animals and addictions of a different nature, from the love of unhealthy food to alcohol and drugs.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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