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Gacrux in the natal chart

Gacrux is one of the four stars shining on the edges of the Southern Cross, and of course, its appearance in the native’s chart gives the person a Great Mission. He understands that he was born for a reason, but is called to lead like the hero of Gorky’s story Danko with a flaming heart. Gacrux is located at 11° Scorpio, contributing to the deepening of the native’s requests for glory, brilliance, universal admiration through dark energies, purifying and reborn like the Phoenix.

Venus , Jupiter , and Mars are considered to be the epigones of Gacrux , but there is much less Jupiterian influence here. It is possible with good transits or with an accurate connection. A person with a highlighted star is most likely looking for how to use the huge charge of strength and energy that the star gives him, otherwise he can destroy him from the inside. Due to the distance, Gacrux does not affect the body, does not create physical problems, but of course, mentally the brain is boiling, and thoughts are already forming character.

Features of Gacrux in the natal chart

The name of this star literally means “gamma of the Cross”, and medieval astrologers called it the star of the Messiah, and it is located on the conventional knee of the Centaur constellation. As you know, a horse’s knees are the most vulnerable place. So it is in fate: whether the native breaks or survives, taking great heights, depends on the strength of his personal planets. However, there will definitely be tests.

If the native has planets at 11° Scorpio, or the cusps of houses fall there, Gacrux is definitely manifested in his chart and life.

To understand its impact, you need to know that it is a double star. It contains a yellow giant and a white dwarf, which already creates a very strong contradictory influence on the fate of man. If Gacrux were located closer to the earth, the native would have a difficult time, since in the sphere of the house where the star is located, he would have to undergo transformation processes, sometimes very painful and destructive. At the moment, such people have a confrontation between fierce fanaticism and the desire to embrace the whole world with love, disseminating knowledge that is very necessary from their point of view to everyone.

This depends, of course, on the level of human development, on the environment in which he was born and raised. But such people easily absorb the ideas of nationalism, anti-Semitism, racism, even if mildly cultivated in their family. Later, this may become the basis of their ideology and secret or obvious confidence in their superiority over others.

However, the idea of serving the world, the desire to sacrifice oneself for a just cause and remain for centuries is also combined with the ideas of patriotism and loyalty to the ideals laid down from childhood at the highest level of development. Gacrux was manifested in the cards of some of the guys from the Young Guard organization, who really sacrificed their youth and life for the sake of loyalty to the ideas of the party and their homeland, fighting the fascists.

Gacrux also gives the gift of foresight, and indeed, many of the dead Young Guards foresaw their end, but also predicted the death of their executioners. All this has come true. If they had survived, they would have become teachers, as many of them dreamed of. And this is also the mission of Gacrux – to explore the world, its darkest corners and bring there the light of knowledge, love and nobility.

Negative influence of Gacrux in the natal chart

However, there is another side – fanaticism and brutal persecution of dissidents, which turns on if the native grows among people without morals, honor and conscience.

However, the energies of the Southern Cross involve serving people, so if the native follows the path of destruction, he launches a boomerang of suffering: everything bad that he does to other people comes back to him.

For example, ideally, Gacrux gives a person the love of animals, he has excellent mutual understanding with them, but if for some reason he tortures or beats cats and dogs, he subsequently receives the same injuries that he inflicted on them, and at best changes after Because of this, one’s worldview, at worst, suffers and feels like a victim.

The same applies to the persecution of dissidents. Later, the native also becomes one of those persecuted and victims of betrayal. It is better not to launch a karmic boomerang and initially bring good and bright things into the world.

Conjunction of Gacrux with other planets

Aspects of the star are of great importance, especially conjunctions. If Gacrux is on the Ascendant or MC, the person has come to change the world. This is a prophet, teacher, guru.

Its location on the cusps of other houses suggests that its mission lies within their sphere of influence.

In merging with Venus, Gacrux suggests a spiritual marriage, but does not exclude trials when family members become enemies and hinder his spiritual development. A husband or wife can humiliate the native and force him to experience a range of negative feelings in order to finally overcome them and achieve unconditional acceptance and love.

Conjunction with Jupiter implies religiosity, teaching activities, fame and honors due to this. When Gacrux is combined with Uranus, Mercury, Saturn, a person will become an excellent astrologer who will be able to transform the dark secrets of the horoscope into bright events, and will also help others work through karma.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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