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Canopus in the natal chart

A fixed white star of 1st magnitude was once symbolically associated with the constellation Ship Argo. It was on this ship, as we know, that the legendary Argonauts went in search of the Golden Fleece. In the 17th century, this constellation was divided into parts: Carina, Puppis and Velus. Canopus belongs to the constellation Carina and is projected on the ecliptic at 15° Cancer, so if the native has planets at this point and also at the same degree in Capricorn, the star will have a strong influence on his destiny. It acts like the merger of Saturn and Jupiter .

In ancient times, Canopus was considered the South Pole Star, by which sailors checked their path. It also gives a modern person a lot of travel, a thirst for knowledge through meeting new people and experience as a leader, because in fact the mission of this star is to put the native at the helm and give him the opportunity to steer the ship towards great goals. For those who find it difficult to do this, such a load can cause depression and loss of self-confidence.

Features of Canopus in the natal chart

Despite the connection with the ship of the Argonauts, Canopus received the name of the helmsman of the flotilla of King Menelaus, who went to war with Troy to return his wife Helen the Beautiful. In any of these symbolisms there is a connection with the sea. Indeed, Canopus involves the native in many sea voyages, and when positioned in the 9th house, also in long journeys.

This is not an indicator of happiness away from home, but rather a fiery passion for a change of residence. Whether this will bring good to the native will be shown by the position of Jupiter and Saturn. If they are strong and well aspected, we can safely say that by following the call of Canopus, connecting one’s life with the sea and Neptunian themes in general, a person will reveal his destiny. Thus, you can succeed not only as a sailor, but also by working with information flows, opening a cafe, a spa, or practicing medicine.

The conjunction of Canopus with the afflicted evil Saturn will have a very negative impact on fate. This leads to depression and suicidal thoughts. If Saturn is in a mine, the native becomes a plaything in the hands of fate, as if after a shipwreck the waves of events throw him up and down, and the shore is not visible. In this case, Saturn needs to be worked out and strengthened.

Pavel Globa believes that Canopus manifested in aspects gives rise to the prodigal son syndrome. A person wanders and wanders to prove that somewhere far away is much better than at home. If he has a generally good map, then eventually, having satisfied his passion, he will return home, if not, he will continue to wander and experience a variety of experiences.

The predominance of the element of water in the chart is very favorable here, while fire is a sign that one should avoid traveling on water and not swim far into the sea, especially in a storm.

Positive influence of Canopus in the natal chart

The star foretells fame, but it can also be bad, much depends on the level of human development. In addition to the love of travel, it gives a passion for expanding one’s horizons in all areas of interest to the native. After all, self-development is also a journey within oneself.

The purpose of such a person is to be a guide for others in his chosen activity. If this is an athlete, then you need to become a champion, for example in swimming, and set an example of perseverance and speed. If this is the owner of a cafe in a marine style, then everything there should be up to par: the freshest seafood, service, design. In any case, people will be guided by the ward of Canopus, so any mistake of laziness and inattention will cause the collapse of their reputation precisely because of the influence of Saturn.

At the same time, the star does not imply that the native will be the sole boss. Being at the helm does not mean deciding where to sail. It is quite possible that a person will become a first-class performer.

Conjunction of Canopus with other planets

Depending on the aspects with other participants in the union, the star highlights one or another area of life, brings benefits or losses. Also, to understand the influence of Canopus, one should analyze the position of Saturn. The stronger he is, the easier it will be to cope with problems and trials. Particular attention is paid to connections with personal planets:

Sun : alienation from one of the parents, most often the father, seeking fame in distant countries in order to prove to oneself and parents that one is capable of much. Scandalous fame, the desire to steer the process without having sufficient experience.

Moon : success in navigating the emotional moods of the team – the native is the soul of society or that very fly in the ointment. Mother is the main guide in life. However, the native starts a family away from his parents.

Mercury : success as a lawyer, businessman, teacher, but in each of these areas you need to turn on the navigator mode, transfer knowledge and guide.

Mars : desire to achieve all set goals as soon as possible, understanding of what needs to be done, but there is excessive aggression.

Jupiter : The native’s guiding star is religion. Servants of faith can help him, or she herself will lead him to the right place at the right time.

The wards of Canopus are associated with the egregor of higher goals, which supposedly justify any means, but it is important not to forget about the simple earthly laws of justice.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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