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Capella in the natal chart

White and bright, the main star in the constellation Auriga is at 23° Gemini. Its name translates as “goat”, it is believed that the ancients called it Amalthea in honor of the goat, whose milk saved Zeus when he was abandoned as a baby to the mercy of fate. According to Ptolemy, the nature of the star is akin to Mars and Mercury , and astronomers claim that in terms of physical characteristics it is closest to the Sun. People who have the Ascendant, Descendant and personal planets at 22-23 ° Gemini fully feel the influence of Capella.

First of all, she endows the native with the cunning of Odysseus, but much depends on the level and development of the person. At the highest level, he is a born diplomat and lawyer, he will get out of any situation, at the lowest level he is intrusive to the point of stupidity, he will bring anyone to a state that it is easier to agree and give what he asks than to endure his persistence. If the configurations in the chart are bad, or the star in conjunction has negative aspects, then the native himself will suffer from someone else’s cunning, hypocrisy and betrayal.

Features of the Capella star in the natal chart

The leading energy of the star is classically associated with the symbolism of the constellation. Charioteer is associated with the theme of horses, racing, transportation, transport in general, that is, with the directions of the twin Mercury, and the domestication of animals, caring for them, the symbolism of the Moon.

With good aspects, the native is provided with victories in speed competitions, ease of learning to drive a car, an airplane, an understanding of the behavior of animals, and of course there may be an inexplicable desire, inherent in the archetype of consciousness, to ride a horse.

The ascending Capella gives irrepressible curiosity, which in its highest manifestation includes a thirst for knowledge, love for learning and science.

The Capella at the climax has a faint hint of Neptunian energy, so in a good scenario, the native can make a career in military and naval affairs, as a pilot and sailor, medicine, for example, as a military doctor. He is lucky in the themes of religion and art, but at a low level of development he falls under the influence of illusions, alcohol, leads an idle life, parasitizes at the expense of others.

The contradictory nature of the fixed stars never gives an unambiguously favorable meaning. There is always some kind of catch, temptation, succumbing to which a person can lose all bonuses.

For example, as can be seen from the myths, the Charioteer always carries something soft, tender, precious, be it a goat, a chick and other symbols of the female incarnation, but at the same time he moves at high speed.

Accordingly, Capella gives the ability to move rapidly through life towards the goals set, to operate with a huge amount of information, to be in eternal communication, but there is a danger of forgetting about the eternal and tender, which gives the energy of love and happiness. For a man it is a wife and children, for a woman it is rather a child or the very essence of her nature. Following the call of the Charioteer, she becomes tough, intolerant, harsh.

The negative impact of the Capella

Strangers care more about such a person than relatives, from whom he is often forced to flee. Sometimes it’s even better for the cardholder himself.

In addition, he is often dissatisfied with his appearance, speech, afraid to be different from others. At best, he spends a lot of energy on correcting the situation, for example, attends public speaking courses and becomes a master in this matter, at worst, he sits back and suffers from complexes.

A typical manifestation of Capella in conjunction with Mercury, 1st, 2nd, 3rd house – a person hides self-doubt behind a prestigious, luxurious car, loves it more than family members, and huddles in a small, poorly furnished apartment.

If a person’s cunning harms others, accidents, vehicle breakdowns, and leg injuries are not ruled out.

In love, there is also a situation where either the native is a narcissist and does not appreciate his happiness, or he comes across an indifferent partner.

Connections of the star Capella with planets

The lesson of the star is not only to develop the flexibility of the mind, wisdom and intelligence, but also to show mercy. The native needs to be helped disinterestedly, though not to the detriment of himself, to those who are worse off than him.

To heal loneliness, you need to help someone in the environment to show noble qualities. The best thing is to raise kind, caring, smart children.

It also depends on the connection of the Capella with other planets, what exactly will manifest itself in the life of the native:

  • with the Sun: if a person refuses idle talk, rudeness, impudence, then wealth and honors await him. It is very good to work where, with the help of emotional speech, you can defend the rights of others, for example, in the legal profession. Indecision, shyness nullify all undertakings;
  • with Moon: problems with eyesight, relatives, pets, if the native is grouchy, sarcastic, does not restrain anger and unleashes it on loved ones. When working out – people’s love, the ability to take care of people, adapt to their needs and desires;
  • with Mercury: this is the best combination, giving a sharp mind, the talent of a journalist, writer, teacher, but in the negative it leads to quarrels and conflicts with younger ones;
  • with Jupiter: fame and money, but often for this you need to go through a period of slander, intrigue, envy, wander and overcome many obstacles;
  • with Saturn: the worst combination, giving conflicts with relatives, injuries, loss of money, if you do not take lessons on the house and the sign of the planet.

It is important to express the desire for freedom and independence without aggression and infringement of the rights of other people.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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