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Castor in the natal chart

Castor is a fixed star of 2nd magnitude that is located on the head of Gemini North, identifying the mortal brother of the mythological pair Castor and Pollux, the one who famously handled horses. The Babylonians called these stars “the shepherd and the warrior”; ancient sailors relied on them during life-threatening storms. Castor is a double star and its influence, emphasized by the paradoxical nature of the constellation Gemini, is very contradictory. It involves humiliation, loss, pain and separation, in order to later bestow glory and honor.

Castor is projected on the ecliptic at 21° Cancer, if there are connections with the planets and vertices of houses, then its dual influence will be very strongly manifested in the life of the native. The leading energy of the star is Mercurian , but in its flawed expression. Few people manage to avoid destructive anger, moderate their caustic statements and envy of more successful people. However, it is precisely these qualities that boomerang on the native himself.

Features of Castor in the natal chart

Usually they write scary things about this star, without explaining the specifics of avoiding sharp corners. It seems to the owner of the card that he is doomed to all kinds of suffering, because indeed at the lowest level of development, without conscious control of the powerful energy of the star, the human body becomes the battlefield of its contradictions. He is plagued by various injuries, mainly affecting his face, and his vision is deteriorating. This is especially clearly seen when Castor is on the Ascendant or conjunct the ruler of the 1st house.

The native finds himself in situations of violence and humiliation from which there seems to be no way out. It is at a low level of manifestation that Castor is associated with the rough energy of fire and the ignorant influence of Mercury in the form of lies, gossip, conspiracies, the purpose of which is to cause maximum harm to the owner of the card.

In the worst-case scenario, two options are possible: the person himself can become a murderer, rapist, abuser, or all this applies to him as a victim.

This can be avoided if you cultivate high moral qualities in yourself, replacing aggression with the courage necessary to protect the humiliated, and not dominate the weak. A sharp word can be used to expose the evils of society and restore justice, for example, in the position of a journalist, lawyer, diplomat or leader, according to the power that the native currently has.

That is, it is necessary to transfer the energies of Mars and Mercury to higher floors. The best way to relieve tension is through high-impact cardio and high-speed sports, but it shouldn’t be too extreme.

Also, through pumping Mercury, you can reach a high level of success in your career without fear of getting injuries that are incompatible with it.

Another option is to find a balance between compliance, currying favor with those in power, willingness to do anything for a great goal and dogmatism, cruelty towards those who are weaker and lower in status.

Again, all these things happen with an exact conjunction of a planet or house cusp with Castor at 21° Cancer. A discrepancy of even 1° frees the native from such karma. Most often, it really comes precisely along the family line, when there were betrayals, murders, violence of any kind.

Particularly negative manifestations of Castor in the natal chart

If the native is far from astrology and does not work on himself, Castor is immediately visible in his character. He is rude, unceremonious, even boorish, considering himself the most important person on the planet.

Very often in this situation there is envy and rivalry towards brothers and sisters, whose origin does not depend at all on upbringing. Parents can give him all their love and even deprive the younger ones, but he will still be jealous and harm.

The negative influence of Castor can be divided into three groups

1. Body: fractures, facial injuries, cracks in bones, wounds from firearms and knives, ulcers, thrombosis.

2. Psyche: irritability, cynicism, outbursts of rage, including a state of passion when you can actually kill over nonsense, psychopathy, hysteria, whims.

3. Society: scandalous dismissals, public disgrace, disclosure of intimate secrets, the state of a scapegoat who cannot prove his innocence, loss of reputation, prison.

Is it possible to avoid this? Provided that aggression, generational sins, a kind attitude towards people and humility are worked through, almost all problem areas can certainly be smoothed out, but most often success comes only after a series of trials that are very humiliating for the native, but having retained his humanity, he soars higher than if he had taken revenge and resentful of life.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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