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Kohab in the natal chart

Once upon a time, Kohab, a 2nd magnitude star in the constellation Ursa Minor, was very bright and was called Polar. It was this that the sailors and travelers of antiquity were guided by. However, in the 1st century AD. a lot has changed and now Kohab is called the star of the North, which, however, does not prevent him from continuing to impart courage, the desire to conquer distant frontiers and love for representatives of other cultures to those who have connections or other aspects in their chart with personal planets at 13° Leo.

Modern astrologers have little information on Kokhabu, but it is believed that thanks to boundless courage, the native performs many feats at the highest level of development and reckless, dangerous ones at the low. To analyze the influence of a star, you need to consider the general trends of the chart, how strong Mercury and Saturn are in order to control such a flow of power and passion, as well as the desire to go beyond the bounds of decency, which the native really wants to violate all the time.

Features of Kokhab’s influence in the natal chart

The energy of the star is manifested through Venus and Saturn . Thus, connecting with any planet, Kohab sets a certain framework for it, and even the Sun, on the one hand, is limited by Saturnian severity, on the other, excited by the need for the luxury and beauty of Venus.

Even in the usual conjunction of these planets, life is not easy for the native, and Kohab also strengthens these energies many times over. If a person is from a good family, with a solid financial base, such energy swings affect him to a lesser extent. As for people from poor families with the habit of saving on everything, they experience a powerful internal conflict.

On the one hand, they passionately want wealth, beauty, fame and comfort according to Venus. On the other hand, there are strict limits in their heads, and in order to go beyond them, they will need the help of a psychologist, otherwise it will turn out that they strive for wealth, but are afraid of expensive things, they want to look brilliant, but they feel like sinners and expect punishment for daring step into the spotlight. And yet, they dare again and again.

An interesting fact is connected with Kohab. It affects not only the fate of the native, but also the condition of his partner, no matter whether it is a husband or wife, or simply a life partner due to mutual attraction. Initially, the star foreshadows a successful love marriage, and as a rule, the native likes representatives of another culture, foreigners or people of other faiths, but something else is curious: at the time of the union, the partner may not be rich or famous, but it is precisely after creating a serious relationship with Kokhab’s ward that he things are starting to look up. This does not always extend to the native himself; he receives only indirect benefits, but nevertheless, through his wife or husband, he also grows.

It is easier for the card owner to find happiness away from home, especially if there is a good aspect of Kokhaba with the ruler of the 9th house. This is a direct indication of moving, especially if things are not going particularly well at home.

The conjunction of a star with the Ascendant makes a person a stranger among his own, driving him on long journeys. He will either make a career out of his difference from other people, or he will look for a place on the planet where he will feel himself among kindred souls. However, sometimes it takes a lifetime.

Negative influence of Kohab

This star is the patron of the military and rescue workers due to the need to take risks, show courage and think outside the box. However, there is also a side effect – a person can harm someone unintentionally, hastily or succumbing to anger and anger. This should always be kept in mind.

Kohab also awakens self-confidence in the native, the desire to take risks without thinking about the consequences, but if he does it purely for pleasure, then the result will be shame and failure.

An example is the situation of Bill Clinton, who lost the trust of voters after the scandal with Monica Lewinsky. The president’s star Kohab is on the cusp of the 11th house in conjunction with Pluto and sextile to Venus in the 1st house. All this allowed him to fly high, guessing the desires and aspirations of American society, but his popularity turned into shame after the publication of an intimate relationship with an intern.

However, the star Kohab favors the native’s partners, so Hillary Clinton only benefited from this trial and for a long time had a powerful influence on the course of American politics, which could no longer be said about her husband.

Conjunction of Kohab with other planets

Aspects with other planets are of great importance. They specify the area of influence of the star and help to understand where exactly it is necessary to closely monitor the changes taking place.

Sun : if the luminary is affected, it gives a tendency to commit suicide, but a person can commit it for a very long time, deliberately destroying himself: constantly taking risks, getting into conflict situations, provoking dangerous people. This could be a politician or a lawyer who exposes criminals, and thereby creates potentially life-threatening situations.

Moon : Good luck in marriage, if you allow your partner to lead, you can live a long and happy life. Self-destruction through bad habits.

Mercury : Pickiness and quarrelsomeness can interfere with good relationships in marriage.

Venus , Jupiter : good luck in marriage and travel, but there is superficiality of judgment and falling in love.

If the native focuses on finding a partner who will share all his aspirations and aspirations, then we can assume that he has already solved half of the problems associated with Kohab.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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