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Lilith (Black Moon) in Virgo – transformation of pettiness

Our deepest fears, anxieties, negative tribal and personal karma are symbolically indicated in the natal chart by the sign of the Black Moon. In the place of her stay on the topics of the house and the sign, a person experiences the strongest temptation to again commit sins, which he has already done a lot in a past life.

Even people unfamiliar with astrology can notice the relationship between a perfect base act along the line of Lilith and an immediate boomerang, although most often retribution happens every 9 years, which gives the illusion of impunity and encourages you to confidently follow a crooked path.

The owners of the Black Moon in Virgo can hardly overcome pettiness, captiousness and stinginess. Those close to them suffer from this, but they themselves literally bury themselves in the narrow framework of the petty-bourgeois idea of life and are afraid of losing their imaginary stability. They do not dream and do not take big risks, they are afraid to show their talents to the world, while always pointing out obvious and imaginary shortcomings and shortcomings to others, thus asserting themselves.

Lilith in Virgo and past lives

The sins of the native in a past incarnation came from greed and a quarrelsome nature, combined with perfectionism. Lilith in Virgo often talks about working as a doctor, priest or herbalist.

Distorted ideas about perfection motivated him to become a religious fanatic or impose false theories of healing on patients, such as refusing life-saving drugs or, conversely, testing unknown medical technologies on them.

Under the guise of creating a shelter for the sick or the poor, the native could save up for personal needs, thanks to the alms of benefactors, expose the sins of others and secretly enjoy these same things.

The owners of Lilith in Virgo were also unfairly strict and critical of family members, demanding perfect cleanliness of the house and complete submission to their will, but most importantly, they were extremely stingy, even with a decent bank account.

Manifestations of Lilith in Virgo in real life

A trifle that other people will not pay attention to can unsettle and spoil the mood of the native with the Black Moon in Virgo for a long time. A drop of juice on the trousers, a sharp response from the saleswoman – a reason for depression, not to mention the remarks of the authorities.

If someone does not like the result of the work, he will either break off the relationship, or stop doing something that causes criticism of others, instead of improving the skill. Sometimes it happens that the passion for self-improvement makes you train hard, but this happens with a sufficiently high level of development of consciousness.

Very often, with Lilith in Virgo, an obsession with cleanliness arises: a person washes his hands for an hour, the general’s apartment and washes clothes every day. Added to this is a morbid fear of germs and disease, an aversion to the disabled and sick people. Such a person rarely visits friends in hospitals, and if he helps someone financially, he will remind him of his nobility on every occasion and blame the other for insufficient return.

Lilith in Virgo also manifests itself on 3 levels:

1. Inferior: a miserly, petty person plagues everyone with his nit-picking and remarks. It even trades for a grocery bag in the store, deprives loved ones of gifts for the holidays. Constantly teaches to live.

2. Medium: suffers from medical errors, becomes dependent on greedy bosses and spouses, is very afraid of losing money and work. Fear of poverty pushes to bad deeds. Mania of purity.

3. Higher: knows how to calmly put things in order in things and affairs, has innate financial literacy, leads a healthy lifestyle.

The demon Lilith in Virgo turns on at the sight of dirt, slovenliness, foul language of others. The native must cling to this and condemn, exalting himself.

Lilith in Virgo and personal life

The Black Moon is always about a powerful glow of sexuality, but Virgo is life, service, routine. The native is afraid to admit his desires, suppresses them and shames partners if they want to show romance, creativity and generosity.

An average man will never go on a honeymoon and will convince his wife that she does not need cosmetics and expensive dresses. He will buy cheap products at promotions and discounts, however, he will make an exception for business accessories for himself. If he also has the Moon in Virgo, the wife will have to put up with the role of a gray mouse.

A woman with the Black Moon in Virgo is also stingy and sometimes even ignores the birthdays of friends, just not to give gifts. She harasses her partner with petty nit-picking, jealousy, makes her wash 5 times a day.

Even at a high level of development, these people are not particularly romantic.

How to defeat the demon Lilith in Virgo

The native needs to allow himself and the world to be imperfect. You can not condemn officials, bosses, colleagues, find fault with someone else’s work. Gift therapy, spontaneous shopping for the soul, romantic dinners with a partner are welcome. If at work you are bombarded with small routine tasks, you need to calmly carry your cross and work off the karma of the past.

In no case should you offend the weak, poor, ordinary people, but rather help them. Many problems can be avoided if you undergo a complete medical examination 2 times a year.

It is recommended to choose the profession of a doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, nutritionist, psychologist, insurance agent. At home, it is advisable to keep a small pet, according to the sign of the 6th house.

Celebrities with Lilith in Virgo: A. Delon, Tom Cruise, A. Abdulov, M. Douglas, L. Gurchenko, W. Shakespeare.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Lilith in Virgo:


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