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Lilith (Black Moon) in Libra – transformation of perjury

Each person has an Achilles’ heel in the horoscope, that weak spot where he is most susceptible to evil. If you do not work on yourself and do not develop spiritually, the theme of this house and sign can completely capture the mind and induce you to commit obscene acts. The fact is that the Black Moon at first gives a feeling of impunity. A person takes pleasure in crimes and gets a taste, thinking that this is his personal luck. However, every 8.5-9 years there is a retribution. If, however, to turn weakness into a source of talents and resources, then the reward for loyalty to high ideals will come.

Lilith in Libra gives bias in matters that require justice and nobility: judging and partnership. A person changes, violates any agreements, bears false witness and appropriates someone else’s property without a twinge of conscience. With a delicate aesthetic taste, they secretly idolize the aesthetics of vicious pleasures.

Lilith in Libra and past lives

Lilith is a black mark that indicates how the native sinned in a past incarnation. If there are tense aspects, it exacerbates the situation. Now a person has a choice – to continue in the same spirit or go into righteousness to the highest floor of the Black Moon, adding the energy of Selena there.

The owners of Lilith in Libra in the past were a model of duplicity. They hated open conflicts and were forced to play a role in order to be in imaginary harmony with others, but in their hearts they experienced hatred or envy.

It could be a woman who married for convenience without love and only played the role of a secular lady in love with her husband. A man could be a dishonest judge, a spy, a servant of two masters, a cheater, or simply cheat on his wife right and left. Only their own benefit mattered to these people, while they skillfully hid their vices. Being outwardly a model of morality, they kept casinos, brothels or invested in illegal business.

Manifestations of Lilith in Libra in real life

The Black Moon makes the themes of the sign and the home painfully important. A person simply sticks to them like a fly to jam and cannot get enough. Any representatives of Libra need recognition, fame, high social status, so they are ready for any crime to get it.

Girls with Lilith in Libra agree to have sex with a film director for the sake of a role, and moreover, they themselves can offer it, and they can also easily plan an allegedly unexpected acquaintance with a millionaire by paying an intermediary. A man easily marries an old lady for the sake of an inheritance. If the native does not have beauty and connections, he will flatter, ingratiate himself, please. At a low level of development, he will go to work as a maid or porter in a luxury hotel in order to at least get closer to the world of luxury, and also become an errand boy for criminals or unfaithful spouses. Too great temptations await in the field of jurisprudence and legislative activity. The higher the post, the easier it is for the owner of Lilith in Libra to believe in permissiveness, take bribes and manipulate facts. However, the Black Moon will manifest itself in different ways, depending on the level of development:

Inferior: A combination of angelic appearance and rotten depravity. They love to corrupt and do meanness, sometimes they don’t even mind being known about it, they are attracted by any popularity, even the glory of Herostratus. For money, they are ready to set up a person and bear false witness.

Medium: a person is deliberately corrupted by the environment, family, acquaintances. He suffers from lies, he can be framed for a large amount of money, damage his reputation, sue property, despite the fact that he himself tries to lead a decent lifestyle and even resists temptations.

Higher: the native sees true beauty, distinguishes the two-faced person from the innocent, and his mission is to save the reputation of people who have been humiliated and slandered.

The provocateur of the demon Lilith in Libra is the partners who accuse the native of violating the rules, taking away his right to independence, and any injustice on the part of the legislature.

Lilith in Libra and personal life

The topic of relationships is painful and important for the native. Men and women are incredibly jealous, they want the printer to belong to them completely, but even in this case they will find a reason for the scandal. Most often, they understand that they have subjugated their life partner for themselves and the probability of betrayal is zero, but they like to play Latin American passions, and also enjoy the embarrassment of a partner during public quarrels. These are the people who are constantly looking for lovers in their wife’s closet or let her husband know that he is unworthy of such a beautiful person. However, at the 2nd stage of development, they themselves attract toxic and jealous spouses who humiliate them and control their every step, or suddenly fall into codependency with their victim because of the desire to monitor her behavior or fear of betrayal.

How to work out Lilith in Libra

Loneliness pushes the native to desperate acts and obscene behavior. Without a partner, a feeling of worthlessness appears and meaning in life disappears. You need to surround yourself with friends of your circle, but choosing a life partner prudently, do not exclude love and respect. The main thing is to give freedom and the right to self-realization to a wife or husband, and to compensate for the passion for scandal with joint dances and trips to the cinema, theater, secular parties. Role-playing games and a rich social life will defuse the situation in the family and the intensity of Lilith’s passions.

It is necessary to refuse bribes, a free approach to friendship, verbal and written agreements, as well as adultery in marriage.

Celebrities with Lilith in Libra: Winona Ryder, John Travolta.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Lilith in Libra:


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