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Lilith (Black Moon) in Aquarius – the transformation of freedom

Although Lilith is a fictitious point, her demonic influence on the life of the owner of the horoscope is undeniable. Regardless of whether he knows about the energy funnel of temptations in his map or not, it excites the imagination with dark desires, secret fears and forbidden passions. This is manifested in the themes of the house and the sign where the Black Moon stands. First, a certain bonus is given to a person: the further he goes into the forbidden zone, the easier it is to avoid punishment, but it certainly happens every 9 years, until the native realizes the problem and moves to the highest level of Lilith.

When positioned in Aquarius, dark desires are embodied in two extremes: a crazy eccentric or excessive conservatism. The rulers of the sign are Uranus and Saturn, and their negative sides literally tear the native apart. In his youth, he can be a destructive anarchist, and in old age he can be a prude of strict rules.

Lilith in Aquarius and past lives

In a previous incarnation, a person handled the concept of freedom too freely, applying it exclusively to himself. For him, there were no boundaries and rules both in business and in relationships. He did not keep his word, for fun he provoked scandals and intrigues that could cost the lives and fortunes of other participants, and in the worst case, because of his careless statements and actions, even wars could flare up.

At the intermediate level, it was a jester, a card cheat, a swindler who did not want to work, a traveling artist or a fortune teller. The native traveled the world in search of adventure and thrills.

It is possible that the owners of Lilith in Aquarius were revolutionary figures, theomachists, anarchists. A perverted understanding of the idea of freedom, equality and brotherhood led to many ruined lives and states.

Closer to old age, when Saturn came into its own, all the evil done was returned to man. He could end up in prison, a hospital, or pray for sins in a monastery.

Manifestations of Lilith in Aquarius in real life

The Black Moon, under the influence of Uranus, turns into a mental demon. Intuition and connection with the higher mind is blocked due to misapplication in the past, which means that the native only believes in his personal experience, logic and material evidence. Religion and esotericism seem to him ephemeral fictional stories, but he does not hesitate to use them to control believers. However, in most cases, the owner of Lilith in Aquarius makes fun of other people’s values, and the generally accepted concepts of good and evil in society cause him irritation and a desire to turn everything upside down. Although it will not come to eccentric antics and dangerous acts if Lilith is not clearly distinguished and has no connection with personal planets. The more educated the native, the more actively he is looking for an alternative society, where mysticism is controlled by willpower, for example,

Particular attention should be paid to teenagers with Lilith in Aquarius, as they are very susceptible to the influence of social media groups with questionable philosophies. Depending on the level of human development, the Black Moon manifests itself in different ways:

Inferior: A perverted mind destroys another’s happiness. It is important for the native to feel special and for this he is ready even for a crime. Such a scientist puts terrible experiments on entire groups of people, a politician leads the country to ruin. It is important for him to lead astray, to sow debauchery and chaos in their heads.

Medium: a person pays for the sins of the past, is betrayed by friends, sacrificed to revolution or social change like Nicholas II, or completely falls under the influence of a totalitarian sect, losing his individuality. He often gets electrocuted and struck by lightning.

Higher: a person takes his generation out of the influence of harmful false theories. He knows how to give people freedom of expression without violating the laws of the universe, and teaches this. Any science in his hands is the engine of progress.

Any restriction of freedom and isolation, be it a hospital or a prison, can provoke the demon Lilith in Aquarius.

Lilith in Aquarius and personal life

Men and women of this type equally do not accept traditional marriage. Of course, this can be expressed in a light way as an aversion to TV gatherings and family holidays, but the need for freedom and personal space is so great that the native sometimes denies the marriage bond, meets with a lot of partners in different parts of the world, or is addicted to perverted sexual ideas. like a swing

If there is an opposition of the Black Moon with Uranus, same-sex relationships are possible. At the highest level of consciousness, this is an interesting bright partner with whom it is never boring.

How to defeat the demon Lilith in Aquarius

The native will have to balance all his life between the desire to stand out himself or to build those around him according to Saturnian principles. If freedom is limited, you need to put up with it and develop a clear system of actions and daily routine, plan the future point by point.

Electricity is dangerous, but playing sports on ice is highly indicated for the eccentric Lilith in Aquarius, whether it’s figure skating or hockey.

It is useful to do programming, astrology and communicate with enlightened people, respecting their values along with your own.

Celebrities with Lilith in Aquarius: Cara Delevingne, Cindy Crawford, V. Kharlamov.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Lilith in Aquarius:


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