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Lilith (Black Moon) in Leo – transformation of vanity

The demon of dark karma shows where and how the native sinned in a past life. It is in the affairs of this house and sign that the strongest temptations will arise, on the occasion of which it is easier to go than to overcome. Only the strong in spirit can rise to the highest level of Lilith and turn the black hole of the horoscope into a powerful resource and source of talents. It can both take away energy and give it, depending on the level of spirituality of a person.

The Black Moon in Leo distorts the native’s idea of himself. Such people have incredibly painful vanity and inflated self-esteem. They consider themselves the most beautiful, smart and talented even if this is far from the truth. Pride makes them do things they will regret, parting with really loving people, just because they told the truth, and not flattered. At the same time, they do not want to develop and grow spiritually, believing that everything is fine anyway.

Lilith in Leo and past lives

Once upon a time, the native became a victim of his vanity. This is a born narcissist, ready to humiliate anyone who encroaches on his imaginary primacy. This comes from a past incarnation where he was a popular person, endowed with wealth and power, but abused them, plunging into debauchery and vanity. He could arrange feasts during a plague, amuse himself with the suffering of gladiators in the arena, exalt himself over rivals by humiliating them, and in addition, in the extreme manifestation of the Black Moon, use child labor and even kill a child.

Most often, this is an indicator of a cruel attitude towards their own children, when the native perceived them as rivals in the past and sought to destroy them morally. Yes, and those who sincerely loved him, he also tormented, deprived of confidence, devalued achievements or used for his own enrichment. Women with Lilith in Leo in the past could have had many abortions or abandoned children if they interfered with their stellar career.

Manifestations of Lilith in Leo in real life

Vanity is one of the most difficult sins to overcome. The native, as in a past life, gets perverted pleasure, torturing and humiliating loved ones, even if he loves them, as far as this is comparable to his ideas about feelings. This is endless nit-picking, depreciation, self-aggrandizement. If this person is the boss, then he imposes his will and never compromises, even if he is frankly wrong. Lilith is especially pronounced in Leo in the 1st house, when a person is intoxicated with megalomania and is in love with himself more than with anyone.

He may have hidden sadistic inclinations, and in public he plays the role of a noble knight, and if it is a girl, then she positions herself as the princess-savior of the world, but inside the narrow circle of the family or team they are inveterate egoists. Depending on the level of spiritual development, the owners of Lilith in Leo will manifest themselves in different ways:

1. Inferior: gray mediocrity imagines itself as a star and a unique talent, without creating anything worthwhile in reality, but humiliating truly gifted and smart people. Hatred of bright and extraordinary personalities, envy of one’s own children, the need to deprive them of joy and holidays, domestic tyranny. Aggression and abortion in women.

2. Medium: the surrounding oppress and humiliate the native, who is trying to develop his creative and personal qualities. Conflicts with the authorities, officials and sponsors. Problems with childbearing and raising heirs. Suffering due to popularity.

3. Higher: confident disclosure of one’s talent and helping talented children, warm and trusting relationships in the family, generosity to loved ones and to the world.

Any talented successful person acts as a demon provocateur, but especially if it is a husband or wife, a lover or a child who is more gifted than the native.

Lilith in Leo and personal life

Men with such a Black Moon at the first meeting seem like princes on a white horse, they are so confident in their attractiveness and uniqueness. These are actually alpha males, which does not exclude many complexes. They need to hear compliments and see enthusiastic looks, despite the fact that they love only themselves and are not able to sincerely admire their partner, with the exception of the owners of the highest level of Lilith in Leo. Life with such a narcissist will be full of humiliation and will turn into serving his interests and needs. Such a man is annoyed if his wife has recovered, is ill, or her problems need to be solved. Talented children also cause envy and aggression.

Women with the Black Moon in Leo consider themselves irresistible and are not particularly interested in raising a child. It is important for them to be in the spotlight, so a husband who pays more attention to his daughter will experience their wrath. If the children and spouse revere her as a queen and fulfill all whims, Lilith’s ego will be satisfied.

How to defeat the demon Lilith

In this life it is undesirable to go into power and it is not necessary to strive for world fame. You can be creative, but for the sake of pleasure, and not for the purpose of getting rich and famous, which instantly includes vanity and pride. It is best to conduct creative activities with children, revealing their talents, which perfectly atones for the dark karma of the past. Volunteering and helping sick children are also suitable. Women with Lilith in Leo are strictly forbidden to have abortions.

Men need to give up imposing their will on other people, do charity work and see their continuation in the child, perceiving him as an heir, not a rival. It is important to avoid gambling, betting, criminal personalities.

Celebrities with Lilith in Leo: M. Monroe, L. Beria, K. Castaneda.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Lilith in Leo:


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