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Merak in the natal chart

One of the most interesting and underrated stars, Beta Ursa Major, is located in the symbolic groin of the constellation, which already hints at a close connection with childbirth. Indeed, Merak helps the native in creating large offspring and provides him with inexhaustible energy and kundalini power. In the natal chart, Merak is located at 20° Leo, and if there are planets or vertices of houses in this degree , then the native is under its influence.

The first chakra in such people is highly developed, they have excellent immunity and survive even during epidemics, such powerful energy comes from the Ursa Major, however, if the native does not want a child and resists the wishes of the husband or wife in this regard, then problems begin. It is worth remembering that despite the mystical connection with the sign of Pisces, the star has the energy of Mars, which means it imparts the character of a dictator.

Features of Merak in the natal chart

The epigones of the star are considered to be Neptune and Mars . Such different energies create a imbalance of energies in the human soul, belligerence and ideological obsession are replaced by love for the whole world and especially for children. In their upbringing, the native cannot find a middle ground. Zealously reprimanding for misdeeds, he is immediately ready to tear up anyone who dares criticize his child. Strictness is replaced by forgiveness and connivance.

A similar situation arises with the issue of childbirth in general. If suddenly something doesn’t work out, such a woman is ready to move the earth and reach out to heaven in order to eventually get pregnant despite any doctors’ predictions. Woe to the man who suggests she wait to have a child, he will face such powerful righteous anger that it will be easier to agree.

If a woman has health problems and doctors warn that pregnancy is unlikely or even dangerous for her life, it is Merak that becomes the miracle that works like a safety net. Everyone is perplexed: how is this possible? And the woman herself believes that faith in successful success helped her, but if the Moon and Venus are at 20° Leo, then the star of motherhood was on her side.

Position on the cusp of the 5th house enhances the fertility of the native, both men and women, and on the cusp of the 11th house it indicates the likelihood of adopting several children. In addition, Merak also increases the number of students, being on the cusp of the 9th house, and spouses, from whom children can potentially be born, if he stands exactly on the Descendant (7th sector of the horoscope).

Ivan the Terrible had Merak exactly on the cusp of the 7th house, and as you know, he had many wives but few children. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, had Merak exactly on the Ascendant, and so he could boast of a large number of children, as well as eloquence, with clearly expressed Martian sarcasm, and loyalty to the principles of the British world order.

Negative influence of Merak

With a negative aspect to 20° Leo, on the contrary, a negative attitude towards children and everything connected with this issue, including intimate relationships, can arise, and the psyche often freezes in a childish infantile position. This is due to some kind of psychological trauma of the native at an early age.

The second option is a painful fixation on one’s children and creative products as conventional offspring. Any criticism addressed to them is perceived very sharply and gives rise to vindictiveness, a desire to suppress and destroy those who raised their hands to the sacred.

In addition, if there are additional indications, such as a prominent sign of Leo (if there is a stellium of planets), a afflicted Sun in a weak position, a difficult Mars, the native seeks to command and impose his will with fire and sword, as Robespierre did. This is also a kind of allegory of a child who has received unlimited power and plays war according to his own rules without borders. Parents with this Merak attitude will be strict disciplinarians, and their children should be a source of pride and admiration, whether they like it or not.

Merak conjunction with other planets

It is interesting that since the nature of Merak is originally Martian, the red planet here acts as a benefactor, unless, of course, it has too intense aspects. However, if the native exhibits the negative qualities of Mars: impulsiveness, haste, dependence on carnal passions, anger, revenge, then his glory will quickly give way to fall and death.

Mars especially does not like duplicity. An example of this is the fate of Mata Hari, who had Merak in conjunction with Mars, and indeed, the unprecedented popularity of the dancer among men made her famous throughout the world. However, her espionage activities (duplicity) led Mata Hari to the scaffold. If she had been wiser, having refused to work as a double agent, becoming a mother and an exceptionally creative person, fate could have turned out completely differently.

Merak was conjunct with the Sun by Helena Blavatsky, whose works and many students can also be called her children.

Depending on the connection with other planets, the focus of the star’s influence also changes:

The sun is glory in the occult, politics, science, art;

Moon – motherhood, both literal and figurative, for example, a teacher, doctor, midwife, healer, who gave a second birth to difficult children and patients, helping them grow;

Mercury – portends the birth of smart children and many scientific achievements of the native himself.

Merak gives love for plants and nature in general, so the native will have a good career in biology and natural sciences in general.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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