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Mimosa (Becrux) in the natal chart

Mimosa or Becrux (lat. Mimosa) The fixed triple star, beta of the Southern Cross, is located on the left hind leg of the constellation Centaur and is very similar in its influence to the star Acrux . It is currently projected onto the ecliptic at 13° Scorpio. The name Mimosa has nothing to do with the shy flower, but comes from the Greek mimos, which means “ever changing image.”

Possessing the qualities of Jupiter, the star gives the native a passion for in-depth research into the human psyche, religion, magic and occult sciences, but he does not just study them, but invents something new. However, we must not forget that Mimosa has a triple structure, the second level is associated with Saturn, and therefore you cannot expect ease in achieving your goal. This is the path of serving God through patience, work and constant learning new things.

Features of Mimosa (Becrux)

If Acrux, with whom Mimosa is often compared, is considered the patron star of patriarchs and priests, and if the native is far from wanting to serve the church, still someone from its hierarchy provides support and mentoring, then Becrux, on the contrary, favors people who are earthly in their aspirations.

They are far from the idea of taking a leading position in secret influential structures, although they are very interested in secret knowledge. These are alchemists who can sit for hours in laboratories, inventing new medicines or formulas of knowledge, a kind of philosopher’s stone, while the result itself is much more significant for them than recognition in society.

Although, of course, a lot depends on the position of the Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury. The dominance of the element of fire will make a person more manifest, and water energy, on the contrary, will hide him from publicity, and nevertheless, if the choice arises: fame or the introduction of inventions into people’s lives for the sake of improving the quality of life, the native will choose the second.

Conjunction with one or another planet at 13° Scorpio is also of great importance, but the overall effect gives:

  • strong intuition and the gift of foresight;
  • innate religiosity, which can be expressed both by a subtle feeling of higher energies and interest in religious rituals in the church;
  • scientific research sooner or later leads the native to an understanding of the intelligent structure of the Universe, even if he was initially an atheist;
  • the desire to find a foothold and turn the world upside down;
  • the desire to improve the quality of life through one’s quest, not just to invent something new or create a more perfect philosophy of successful life, but also to tell people about it;
  • confrontation with exalted religious ministers who do not accept the connection between the earthly and the divine.

It happens that Mimosa’s ward does not have a higher education, then he serves God through everyday ordinary work, thereby improving the world around him, repairing shoes, clothes and furniture, cleaning the streets, but sometimes his innate wisdom helps more erudite people take the right path after a conversation with him.

Negative effects of Mimosa

If Scorpio in the chart is manifested positively, for example, its rulers Pluto and Mars have good aspects, and the planet conjunct Mimosa has the same, then negative manifestations can not be expected. Faith will help the native to come out of any trials. He just needs to pray or simply turn to his higher self, and immediately the problems are solved in the best possible way.

However, with a negative aspect, everything becomes more complicated. A person’s faith is subjected to all sorts of tests. He prays, visits holy places, observes fasts, but does not always receive direct help for his request. Sometimes he has to go through dramatic events to reach his destination, as if changing certain roles, from beggar to prince, or vice versa, depending on what the planet in connection with Becrux rules.

Mimosa forces a person to undergo a series of transformations so that all unnecessary husks fall away, and only the pure flame of faith and love remains. However, the process can be painful. If the planet, for example, rules the 7th house, then transformation will occur through complex relationships, the intrigues of enemies, lawsuits, if the 10th, then through the copper pipes of glory, perhaps a person will lose everything due to injustice, and only faith in divine providence and oneself , as part of him, will help him fix everything, and then also encourage him to help those who are in the same trouble.

Mimosa conjunct other planets

If the star is on the Ascendant, then it is already clear that a person will have to play very different roles in life, constantly changing social status. It’s better to do it yourself, directing your actions to the highest level, for example, it will be a steady growth of career or a change of roles thanks to creative hobbies, when a person is a modest laboratory worker or a strict boss, and then, in a theater studio, he plays completely different roles on stage, or in the bosom of the family it is a warm, loving parent who plays a lot with the children and fools around.

Conjunction with Venus and Jupiter enhances the importance of religiosity in the life of the native. Depending on his upbringing environment, he will be an ardent believer or an atheist, but one thing is obvious – his beliefs will go through the crucible of trials, as a result of which he will either become established in them or completely change them. Much more dangerous is the combination with Mars, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune, this is where real religious fanaticism or attitude towards work as a religion arises.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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