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Mira in the natal chart

A fixed star of 3rd magnitude, omicron of the constellation Cetus, was once incredibly bright and belonged to its fellow 1st magnitude stars. Now some researchers believe that its size is steadily approaching the third. Its energy is akin to the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, and the peculiarity is that it gives the native incredible luck in material matters, charm, but does not exalt him like other stars.

Mira is projected onto the ecliptic at 1.46° Taurus. In reality, it consists of 4 pulsating stars and has a multifaceted influence on fate. If the Saturnian influence dominates, then despite the beauty, nothing comes easy to a person, as happens in this situation. He has to work and act; he rather helps others become high-ranking officials, while he himself remains behind the scenes.

Features of the Mira star in the natal chart

In the Avestan school of Pavel Globa, Mira is called the patroness of beauties, although this is more true for another star Mira at 1.06° Taurus, which really bestows delightful appearance and a beautiful, happy life in love and harmony. But Mira rather contributes to a woman’s parasitic lifestyle.

She realizes her beauty and, having worked herself to the point of exhaustion, is looking for a rich and successful patron, preferably a husband, or just a lover. This is a completely different effect than that of Mira, and of course, at first glance, it contradicts the generally accepted relationship of the star to Jupiter and Saturn, which implies tireless work. However, here it may happen that the owner of Mira, in conjunction with a certain planet, will engage in charity and social activities, due to which she will be able not to overwork herself as before at a simple job, but at the same time shine with beauty and charm.

Of course, there are options when a woman simply uses a man’s money without creating anything, but this is still a rarer case, leading to degradation.

There is, however, another version according to which Mira, as the omicron of Cetus, is associated with the element of Air, which means one of its effects is the destruction of relationships dear to a person. That is why, unconsciously, the native strives for a marriage of convenience, without becoming emotionally attached to the partner, and at the same time solves his material problems at his expense.

Ideally, the native needs work as a hobby, in order to do something useful and not get bored, while simultaneously opening spiritual channels for the development of the soul. The hardest thing is for people from poor families who really need money to provide for themselves and their families. They become emotionally attached to the position and fear dismissal, thereby attracting it.

Particularly negative influence of the Mira star

At its best, Mira is a catalyst for conscience. A person under its influence does not become a saint, however, even if he commits some unseemly act, gets married out of calculation, which subsequently begins to stress him out, he tries to somehow compensate for these things through good deeds. They are not always from the heart; more often one wants to atone for sins, but nevertheless, the native commits them.

The second option is that the conscience torments even at the thought of violating moral principles and the owner of the card sits within the narrow framework of ideas about good and evil. The fear of breaking prohibitions and being punished is too great.

Third – a person lives as he wants, latently understanding that he is doing badly, but treats it frivolously. And then, at the return of Saturn, at the age of 29-30, he is overcome by the fear of retribution. He does not sleep at night, suffers, is tormented by bad premonitions. Although a lot here depends on his actions, because you can, as in the first case, do something good to atone for sins and calm down.

Conjunction of Mira with other planets

Having a Saturnian nature, Mira adds it to the planet with which it is in aspect or brings it to the house on whose cusp it falls. Partly, the energy of Capricorn begins to dominate here, requiring a structural, strict approach.

However, a completely destructive influence such as suicidal tendencies also occurs, but to determine this, other factors of depression in the chart must be taken into account. Most often, in conjunction with Mira, planets behave as follows:

Sun : a person achieves rapid success in politics, government agencies, and jurisprudence, being more of a performer and structurer than a leader, but his creative ideas help public people advance, and they already take the native under their wing. If he has done a lot of bad things against his honor and conscience, then after 29 years he will suffer and worry, even to the point of depression.

Moon : there are many difficulties and obstacles in life, which love and mercy, both of the native himself and of the women close to him, will help to overcome. Help will come from them.

Mercury : Stubborn adherence to principles, lack of empathy make the native an undesirable person, despite his keen mind and scientific abilities. If the indicators are negative, there is a desire for suicide.

Venus : stiffness in expressing feelings, however, these introverts are able to create architectural masterpieces, poems with an unusual rhythm, or become financiers for whom the main thing is money.

If the native does not want to be Mira’s toy, getting into difficult situations against his will, he needs to become the master of his life and not put off solving any problems until later.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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