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Mirach in the natal chart

Mirach( Mirah ) – a light scarlet star of 2nd magnitude was once larger and brighter, but now it is gradually moving from alpha to beta state. Perhaps this is why happy love marriages that Mirakh creates and supports so rarely happen and continue in the world. At the same time, its main mission is to help conceive and give birth to children. The name Mirach translates as “peplos (upper cape) of Andromeda”, hinting at the fact that there is something to hide, such as a beginning pregnancy.

Mira is projected onto the ecliptic at 1° Taurus, giving a person a very pleasant, sweet disposition, charm, and the ability to soften conflicts, essentially with one presence or a beautiful smile. The star gives a beautiful appearance, but the native still relies on intelligence, intelligence, and charm. Such a person never remains without the attention of the opposite sex, women are easily given everything related to pregnancy, conception and childbirth, and thanks to the connection with a man in whom Mirach is manifested, the female partner also safely carries and gives birth.

Mirakh in the natal chart

Lucky stars are not found so often, and even their influence has certain pitfalls. Mirach is more favorable for women than for men; it is no coincidence that it is called the Andromeda Belt. On the one hand, it gives beauty, a brilliant mind, charm, the ability to attract attention with one glance and captivate with refined speech. This is princess magic. Of course, a man with a brightly highlighted Mira in his chart also looks like a handsome prince, but there are some subtleties that partly extinguish his masculinity.

The fact is that the Andromeda belt, despite all its gifts, like a happy marriage of love and fertility, binds a woman to the hearth and home. Accordingly, it affects a man in a similar way. If it is quite natural for representatives of the fair sex to devote themselves to family and children, then a man in this capacity in most cases looks strange.

In any case, Mirach awakens similar desires, and because of this, a man may not be at all interested in a career and earning big money, but he will be a loving husband and a caring father. Of course, this doesn’t always happen. The strong position of Mars and the Sun will not drive such a person to the couch for a long time; there will be a balance between the external active principle and the internal need to take care of the family, but a man with feminine traits dominated by the Moon, Neptune, Venus will definitely not want to be a breadwinner. At the same time, he will not suffer, but will happily take care of the house with a strong, dominant wife.

Very often, this position of Mirach is found in creative people who are initially not adapted to office work and the stress associated with it.

The girl from Mirah also receives the gift of love marriage. She gets pregnant easily. Even if there are many negative aspects to the Moon, the lucky influence of the fixed star smooths them out.

If an astrologer does not know about stellar influence, then he is perplexed as to how, with such destructive connections between the planets, women gave birth to three or more children. But that’s exactly how it works. Another gift of the star is the preservation of beauty and youth even after frequent childbirth. Such women recover very quickly, they have enough strength and energy for all household chores.

Negative influence of Mirakh

The star includes a tendency to self-sacrifice for the sake of love and family. This sometimes leads to the fate of the wives of the Decembrists. The native is truly capable of giving up everything and following his loved one to the ends of the earth. However, such sacrifice does not always benefit the card owner himself. By giving up the benefits of a career, life in a metropolis, and personal freedom, a woman loses her independence and the possibility of self-realization.

It’s easier for a man in this regard, because the option of self-sacrifice in his case is less common.

Women also need high-quality protection if pregnancy is undesirable, because Mirach greatly increases fertility.

Conjunction of the Worlds with other planets

You can specify the influence of a star by the planet with which it is in conjunction. The event level needs to be looked at at the house affected by the aspect.

Sun : this is where it is undesirable to sacrifice yourself and give up your career. The native’s calling is to be an example of true love, to create, create and shine. It is important to delight the world with your beauty.

Moon : for the native, home, family, farming are important, but it is no less pleasant to do work in which you can take care of others, heal, cook, these are excellent figures in helping professions.

Mercury : these are poets, writers, diplomats and bloggers.

Venus : with this connection, increased attention of the opposite sex is ensured, therefore there is a high probability of infidelity and polygamy.

Jupiter : the native will be a wonderful translator, lawyer, diplomat, but may have to choose between a career and a huge family.

When connected to the Ascendant , Mira provokes narcissism, and with the MC it helps to move to the pinnacle of success through the attention of the opposite sex.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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