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Pollux in the natal chart

Pollux ( beta Gemini , lat. Pollux) is a fixed star of 1st magnitude, the orange giant was known in the times of Ptolemy under the name Hercules, given the powerful energy of force that it gave to those who had it manifested in their charts. However, given the special qualities of incredible endurance and vitality that Hercules could not boast of, being poisoned by insidious enemies, he was renamed Pollux, in honor of one of the mythical twins, the sons of Zeus. It was Pollux who received immortality.

This star is located in the constellation Gemini, but is projected onto the ecliptic at 24° Cancer. If there are connections and major aspects at this point, the person will have good luck in hand-to-hand combat, battle magic, rune control and any military matters. He gains incredible, inexplicable strength to survive in the most difficult conditions. Such people survived executions, concentration camps, plague and Covid epidemics. At the same time, one cannot say that this star is happy; it literally throws the ward into the thick of dangerous events.

Features of Pollux in the natal chart

If we remember that in ancient times this star was called a judge devoid of mercy, it becomes clear that despite the similarity attributed to it with the energies of the Moon, Mars and Uranus, it also has a Saturnian influence. It helps to rise and even prolong the lives of those who fight for a just cause, but for those who destroy their own and others’ lives, on the contrary, it stops all paths of development, even to the point of physical injury or fatal accidents.

The fact is that Pollux’s energy is so powerful that it manifests itself in an ordinary person in bursts of anger and rage. Very often the native begins to lash out at close people. However, this is not so bad. Under the influence of these energies, it is easy to take the path of real crime, to gain joy by causing pain to others, and Pollux does not tolerate this. He makes those who follow the path of evil defenseless against even greater evil.

The environment will call such an effect a karmic boomerang, but the native actually gets back exactly what he did to others. Another thing is also true: Pollux protects the brave, strong-willed, protectors of the weak from destructive events and even prolongs their life; if, for example, they get into an accident or fall ill with a dangerous disease, then a miraculous salvation or healing happens to them.

Daredevils who do not seek personal gain, but strive to do the most good for others, feel the protection of Pollux especially strongly. In principle, this is the only way to resist the destructive energies of the orange giant, because it is no coincidence that it is located in Gemini: its energy is dual, it can manifest itself as sports anger to achieve incredible results in sports, politics, science, or it can completely destroy the fate of talented people who the native envied. However, he himself will suffer greatly.

Pollux helps in fair competition with rivals, especially in a modern market economy, which can be compared to the wars of antiquity.

Also, if there is a planet connected to it in the natal chart, and a person risks his life to save a comrade, the star miraculously protects him both on the battlefield and during a terrorist attack or natural disaster. However, the merger should be as precise as possible, at 23-24° Cancer.

Negative effects of Pollux

The star cannot be called one hundred percent unhappy, but the conjunction with Saturn brings really difficult karmic lessons, which, although necessary, are at least unpleasant.

If a person does not understand the warning signals in the form of minor injuries or material losses and continues to violate the universal laws of justice, then facial injuries, eye diseases, bankruptcy, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, deterioration in the quality of life and health in general are not excluded.

It’s as if his life energy is being cut off. If Pollux’s ward does not share the benefits received, for example, the fruits of victory in the form of cash bonuses, gifts, job advantages with others, then in any case he will lose them. One must share from the heart, selflessly, even as a preventive measure against the destructive effects of a star.

The native often deals with poisons, either as a scientist or a doctor, and various types of poisoning cannot be ruled out. If he works with chemicals, careful consideration must be given to eye protection.

Pollux conjunct other planets

If the star is conjunct with the MC or the Sun, then the native is guaranteed fame in any matter that interests him, be it politics or show business, but a turn towards vice, such as depraved entertainment, alcohol or drugs, can interrupt the song on takeoff through an accident.

In a negative scenario of conjunction with the Sun, the native may receive head injuries, a blow to the heart with a cold weapon, or commit these actions against someone. You shouldn’t immediately worry that this will certainly happen, because if you live solar energies on a high floor, the bad will remain on another scenario line. The native just needs to be more careful, remove vanity and love the art in himself, and not himself in art.

Conjunction with the Moon and Neptune brings danger on water, from women, thieves, as well as poisoning, with Mars and Uranus – a brilliant career can end in death if the laws of justice are violated, but it is especially difficult for owners of the conjunction of Pollux with Saturn, they actually need to humble themselves throughout their lives with any negativity and always respond with good to evil.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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