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Polaris in the natal chart

Polaris (Kinosura, Alruqaba) – alpha Ursa Minor, position 29° Gemini.
Despite the fact that Polaris is considered the most important and important star, this does not entirely correlate with its celestial appearance. There are larger and brighter specimens, but it is considered the most noticeable and located closest to the North Pole. It is located at the tip of the tail of the constellation Ursa Minor, and in the natal chart its projection is 29° Gemini. If planets or important points of the horoscope fall there, for example the cusps of angular houses , then the influence of the North Pole Star in the life of the native will be undoubted.

It is considered the main one, because it stands almost above the very North Pole, and the invisible earth’s axis rests on it. All the stars revolve around it, creating a powerful energy funnel.

The symbol of stability, the beginning of all beginnings, the zero reference point and the heavenly umbilical cord, with which the world is connected by a strong connection, endows the owner of the card in which it is manifested with inspiration, genius and wisdom. However, the rotation of the stars around Polaris creates eternal changes in the life of the native. It is very changeable, despite its eternal stability.

Features of the North Star in the natal chart

This is a very controversial fixed star. On the one hand, it creates a powerful connection between the native and the universal information field, because it is through it that the connection between the earthly and the heavenly goes.

On the other hand, it provokes constant zeroing in a person’s life. As soon as he achieves something, settles in one place, calms down and relaxes, various circumstances arise that literally lift him from his place and encourage him to action.

The North Star indicates the highest goal and destiny of a person, and if at 29° Gemini there is a planet connected to it, then it is along this line that one needs to open up professionally and creatively in the first place, and the indicators of the MC and 6th house will be secondary. The merging of the Polar and corner houses also shows that the theme of this sphere will be highlighted as much as possible in the life of the native.

There are several astrological traditions on the basis of which a person’s calling according to the North Star is interpreted:

1. Searching for and finding something very valuable and rare. The native is a born catcher and collector. This could be some kind of knowledge that he collects and passes on to people, or he looks for gifted people and helps them become real stars.

2. Orientation to the main mission on the planet and the house where Polar is located. It is undesirable and even dangerous to retreat from it.

3. Spirituality and morality, which the native serves as an example for other people. This is the mission of teachers, priests, psychologists.

The combination of all three lines in one mission and calling is considered very rare and important.

On the one hand, the North Star directs a person on the path of destiny, on the other hand, its influence is too powerful and strong, implying constant zeroing and a transition to new rounds of development. An ordinary person reads this energy as a desire to change occupation every few years.

That is why the native rushes between different lines of fate. He begins to develop in one profession, gives up at the first difficulties, and goes to another. If at the same time Neptune is on the MC, then despite all the visible talents, the person remains unfulfilled and unclaimed. It is very important to decide on your purpose as quickly as possible and not to get scattered.

It is very good if the connection of the Polar Star with the planets occurs in angular houses. In this case, he has well-developed practicality, intuition, and has access to ancestral wisdom, on the basis of which he makes informed rather than impulsive decisions.

Negative influence of the North Star

The ever-pulsating star creates a constant change of events as it moves steadily upward. Sometimes a person himself does not understand what he lacks, where this constant dissatisfaction and desire for something more comes from. In the negative, immunity decreases, problems arise in the family, in relationships, the native is lonely in this incomprehensible world, where he feels like an alien.

Very often, under the influence of the North Star, the native loses shame and goes towards the goal directly, regardless of the feelings of other people. This is not typical for absolutely everyone, but at a low level of development a person is ready to do anything for the sake of his great goals.

Delay in action is like death for such people. As soon as they leave the game for a while, rest or relax, they fly out of a successful series of events for them and start all over again from scratch.

There may also be problems with parents, depression, loss of vitality after the peak of activity. The star first gives, then takes away.

Conjunction of the North Star with other planets

Any planet in aspect with the Polar becomes fateful for the native. He will have to reach heights precisely in her subject matter and the sphere of the house she manages.

Sun, Jupiter: a high position in society comes quite early, unlike aspects with other planets, but you will have to go through a lot of sharp turns of fate.

Moon: mercy, caring, kindness are the keys to success. Hesitation, slowness, and lack of self-confidence are dangerous; because of them, a person misses fateful chances.

Mercury, Mars: a sharp original mind, developed intellect border on the temptation to weave intrigues, cheat, manipulate facts, and go ahead towards the goal.

Venus: love elevates, but it can also destroy a person along with all his plans if he shows jealousy and a sense of possessiveness.

Connection with higher planets calls the native to a very complex spiritual path, serving the world on a larger scale than ordinary people, and for this he simply needs to gain a high social status.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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