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Procyon in the natal chart

Rising before Sirius, the 8th brightest star in the constellation Canis Minor, Procyon, glows with a pale yellow glow, which is enhanced by its companion, a white dwarf. Like other double stars, it has an ambiguous and complex effect on fate, it is difficult for an ordinary person to cope with it without knowing its characteristics. Procyon is located at 25 ° 47 ′ Cancer and is similar in its energy nature to Mercury and Mars , and if the native’s intellect is sufficiently developed, he will be able to direct the indefatigable activity and power bestowed by the star into a useful, rather than destructive channel.

In combination with favorable planets, Procyon gives success after a long period of active work, but, under other circumstances, it provokes violence, breakdowns, a collision with danger if the owner of the card expects immediate results and is angry that everything does not work out at once. Without endurance and calmness, it is easy to break firewood and face numerous other dangers of a star on the lower floor of the aspect formed by it.

Features of Procyon in the natal chart

Do not be afraid when you see this star in your map. First you need to determine if she has aspects with other planets, because it is when she connects with them and the cusps of houses that we can talk about connecting her energy to these spheres. The orbis here is very small, no more than 1 degree.

The strongest influence of Procyon will be on those whose luminaries are located in the 26th degree of the cardinal cross. Every year on July 18-19 there is a confluence of the Sun with this star, and there is a surge of activity on the planet, and at the same time, a potential danger for those who have the appropriate aspects or connections with the house cusps.

It is important for parents of children born after the fall of 2015 to remember that it was then that Procyon moved into 27° Cancer and remained there for the next 72 years.

The symbolism of the Canis constellation is associated with friendship and mutual assistance, shown at the moment of danger, initially in hunting and war, but in the modern world we can talk about teamwork and competition.

It is believed that those born during the strong influence of Procyon are gifted hunters themselves, stubbornly following the trail to the desired goal. Sometimes it is exhausting, they have to scrupulously study small details, compare them, study the tactics and behavior of the “beast” before catching it. Such a comparison best of all shows how a person with the energy of this star acts.

However, there is something else. Having become a master, the native will certainly want to pass on the skills of “hunting” to others, whether it be his own children (according to the symbolism of Cancer, talents should remain in the family) or a whole galaxy of students of the younger generation. Learning from the owner of the Procyon connection with personal planets is a gift of fate. He will not rest until he is convinced that a person has not only understood the theory, but has worked it out in practice.

Procyon encourages the native to act actively, thanks to which he becomes successful and wealthy faster than others, but uncontrolled excessive fussiness leads to a fall from the height of the new position and the loss of privileges.

The negative influence of the star Procyon

The location on the Ascendant gives a pure and disinterested love for dogs, and even they take the native for their person. However, it is worth paying attention, if there are negative aspects, there is a possibility of suffering from dog bites. Pavel Globa bluntly claims that Procyon portends snake bites, poisoning with poisons, gases, as well as abscesses of wounds received in fights and battles.

This can be assumed in prognostication, but the struck Procyon itself is a warning to the native not to get into fights on purpose, which again happens if there is a conjunction of a star with Mars or Pluto.

In addition, the owner of the card has a hot temper and a carelessly spoken word often provokes scandals and leads to losses. For example, he could not stand it and sharply answered the boss – he lost his job. Hot temper and jealousy just include a series of ups and downs, so the native needs to remove these emotions from his life, striving for a steady upward movement.

Procyon conjunct planets

The owners of this star are rude and straightforward, however, in combination with different planets, this can look like impudence that crosses all boundaries, as well as noble love of truth, although of course both can still lead to the collapse of all human plans. And yet, the interpretation of the Procyon compound will vary:

  • With Sun: Wealth, good luck in government, military, religious pursuits. Friends are high-ranking people who initially sympathize with the native, and indeed, at a difficult moment in his life, he can turn to any boss and his problem will be solved. Also, this is one way to work through the arrogance and rudeness that comes with this combination of two egos. If a person becomes rich at a young age, decline and loss will certainly follow;
  • With Moon: Due to emotional swings, the native harms himself. His suppressed aggression is a magnet for conflicting partners and employers. This is a sign of the need to frequently change jobs, and if Procyon is defeated, it is also a sign to bypass unfamiliar stray dogs a mile away;
  • With Venus: Ability to quickly and actively make money on what you like, especially in sports and commerce;
  • With Mars or Pluto: Violent tendencies in the native himself, ruthlessness, threat of being bitten by a dog or slandered in front of people, involvement in murky and controversial stories.

To work out Procyon, you need to instantly use the chance that fate gives along the lines of the planet and the house with which it is associated, as well as control your negative emotions: anger, anger, envy.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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