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Ras Alhage in the natal chart

Ras Alhage, a sapphire-colored fixed star in the constellation Ophiuchus, located in the area of his head, has an ambiguous, frightening, but also inspiring characteristic. The answer lies in the decoding of her Arabic name, translated as “snake charmer.” The fact is that, as interpreted by astrologers of past centuries, Ras Alhage provokes toxic relationships, poisoning, and dependence on medications, painkillers, drugs and alcohol. The native is also susceptible to toxic viral infections. However, the truth is that he can control it all, creating antidotes, cures, and saving others from addiction.

The poisoned star is located at 22° Sagittarius, and from an early age the native is distinguished by a frivolous attitude towards health, a desire to smoke cigarettes and their analogues, waste his life or poison relationships with other people with narcissistic behavior. The owner of the card does not care about the consequences, much less about the feelings of others, but this is true only with an exact connection with personal planets, and especially with the highest ones: Neptune and Pluto.

Features of Ras Alhage in the natal chart

A black hole of temptation for the owner of a star-planet conjunction is tobacco products, alcohol, energy drinks and even carbonated drinks. Particularly dangerous are snakes, scorpions, poisonous spiders and rabid animals.

If such a connection is in the child’s chart, parents need to especially carefully monitor its safety, since there is a high probability of meeting a sick animal and becoming infected from it. Nowadays this is not fatal, but still such an experience is not pleasant.

The aspect also hints that you should not go on vacation, much less for permanent residence, to exotic countries, where you are more than likely to encounter scorpions, snakes, scolopendras and spiders. Of particular danger is the location of the star on the cusp of the 6th or 12th house, or if the conjunction is on this axis. It simply creates a stream of intoxication, poisoning, a tendency to nausea and problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

It is also possible that an attack by a pack of wild dogs or evil intrigues at work, symbolizing coils of snakes.

The nature of the star is similar to the opposition of Saturn with Venus, where the damaged Venus affects the tone of reactions and events. Interestingly, the native experiences various types of misfortunes associated with the opposite sex. Of course, this is not a reason to give up relationships and live alone, as some astrologers suggest, but you must be prepared for the fact that difficulties are inevitable. The only consolation is that this is also a karmic working through, from which there is no escape.

Positive influence of the star Ras Alhag

And yet, this star gives a person a high and important mission. It is for this reason that in the first half of his life he is faced with severe poisoning and intoxication, both physical and moral: bullying, ridicule, dependence on toxic people, for example, parents, relatives or friends.

It is no coincidence that Ras Alhage means “snake charmer.” The native will want to find an antidote to the suffering that he himself had to endure and help other people avoid the same.

This includes the invention of a new generation of medicines, the creation of vaccinations, all kinds of dietary supplements and healthy drinks, preparations based on essential oils and, of course, antidotes. The native will also make a wonderful psychologist who helps patients extract the internal serpents of fears and childhood traumas.

At a high level of consciousness, Ras Alhage gives the native the desire to participate in charity, to create works that change the consciousness of people. The native achieves particular success in animation and film directing.

Conjunction of Ras Alhage with other planets

Aspects with the cusps of houses are not as important here as with the planets, although, for example, the location on the top of the 5th house makes a person unclean, sloppy, distorts his sensory perception, and on the MC it gives extraordinary pedagogical abilities, encouraging him to be an example of overcoming difficulties. An exact merger with the Ascendant predetermines the mission of the leader from darkness to light, although it can be the other way around, depending on the scale of the personality and beliefs of the owner of the card, because he is capable of becoming a black teacher, the creator of a sect.

It is also important to pay attention to the characteristics of the planet with which the star is in conjunction:

Sun : the native breaks through many obstacles and malicious competitors, achieving success in the field of politics, literature, business, art. Over time, he becomes indifferent to other people’s opinions and criticism, but throughout his life they try to poison him with toxic remarks, envy and the desire to destroy his plans.

Moon and Neptune : it is best for the native to take up medicine and pharmaceuticals in order to solve both his problems and heal those who suffer from chronic intestinal infections, poisoning, contagious diseases, and sick people will inevitably meet on his way. Glory also awaits in the field of astrology, energy therapy and psychology.

Mercury and Venus : do not allow you to earn a lot of money, a person often works just for the sake of an idea and is afraid to create relationships, coming up with a new value system, where the favorite thing comes first. He criticizes the high ideals of love and family, promotes atheism and denies the good beginnings in the souls of people.

The appearance of Ras Alhage in the horoscope suggests tireless spiritual growth for the benefit of oneself and others.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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