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Regulus in the natal chart

This is the alpha of Leo, his heart, one of the main four royal stars that bring great luck, but also control the level of responsibility for any act, if there are luminaries or personal planets next to it, within no more than 1 °.

Regulus, or as it is most often called, Regulus, is located in the zero degree of Virgo, and its energy is most noticeable when the Sun moves there from the sign of Leo.

Its nature is similar to the confluence of the energies of the Sun , Jupiter and Mars , which is why those with this star in the chart are simply made for brave royal deeds, even if they are born in a simple family.

One condition is noble behavior, generosity and disinterestedness, otherwise the crown will easily fall from your head. The wards of the bright blue star always pass the test of revenge. If the native breaks down and begins to take revenge, he will lose everything he had, including fame, success, regalia and even life itself. But for people who are spiritually developed, forgiving and bright in spirit, Regulus gives infinite wealth and many opportunities to go down in history, although even at this level they should be afraid of revenge from dark people.

Features of Regula in the natal chart

This star of power symbolizes a very unusual path of exaltation, bright and dynamic, the peak of the life of such a person is also marked by extraordinary events that the average person has no idea about. That is why the events in their fate are watched as an exciting series.

The connection of Regulus with angular houses and personal planets portends, first of all, the possession of power, influence on minds, as well as wealth, fame and success. For example, Jupiter of Bill Gates just stands on the star Regulus, and Margaret Thatcher has her exact conjunction with the Moon.

The position of the star in the horoscope also determines the qualities that come to the fore when interacting with society:

  • connection with the Ascendant gives a person courage, charisma, openness to people, royal becoming. It is already clear from afar that this is a leader, for whom the crowd is ready to go on any adventure, or vice versa – to create great events together;
  • the confluence with the Meridian of the Midheaven is a sure sign that the native will have such a high position in society that not even a single member of his family even dreamed of. This also portends acquaintance and close working ties with celebrities and presidents, however, it is desirable that there are also good planets, such as Jupiter or Venus, otherwise a person can simply work for government officials, bring them a lot of benefits, but at the same time stay in the shadows;
  • the union of Regula with cusps of 10, 11 houses, Mercury and Uranus is found in the charts of royal astrologers;
  • the location of the star on the Sun and the Moon is a harbinger of success in politics, public work, civil service, with Mars – in military affairs.

In the chart of Louis XIV, the star Regula stood just on the MC in confluence with Pluto, which made him the founder of the absolute monarchy.

In those periods when Regulus connects with Saturn, one should expect revolutions, a change in the state regime, terrorist attacks, military operations. In the map of a particular person, this is a time of personal stress and internal transformation.

In the chart of Alla Pugacheva, Regulus just connects with Saturn, and he rules the 10th house, so she was provided with wide popularity and finances from above, but all this is based on many years of hard work and the need to change externally and internally.

The negative influence of Regulus in the natal chart

The effects of fixed stars are rarely unambiguously good. To whom much is given, more is asked. This is very typical for the owners of the Regula union with personal planets. They easily reach the peak of fame, and from the outside, their life really looks like a fairy tale, but often popularity plays a cruel joke with them.

They are dependent on the will of those who worship them. Too many celebrities can’t even take a step so as not to attract the attention of the crowd, and universal adoration by the end of their lives or as a result of reckless actions can be replaced by hatred and persecution. This video is especially bright in the chart of those whose ruler of the 8th house is Pluto .

In addition, Regulus endows the native with the reverse side of the leadership beginning – a violent character, therefore, at an average level of development, various scandals and proceedings are always associated with his name.

A characteristic feature of the owners of Regulus is the neglect of danger. These people think that they are immortal and invincible. This distortion of reality really comes from the royal star. In most cases, this helps to become famous in the shortest possible time, but the situation is not excluded when the native gets into life-threatening situations or provokes them, succumbing to anger and the desire to take revenge.

Regulus conjunct the planets

Well-being in this situation does not last very long. Fate constantly throws tests on the native in order to understand whether he will sink to revenge or not. Depending on the connection with other planets, Regulus highlights different areas of life:

The sun – the process of achieving wealth and fame in politics, art, sports is associated with various diseases, violence, the need to rigidly dominate other people.

Moon – universal attention, the support of friends, the love of children and popular popularity are associated with the intrigues of enemies, illnesses, depressions.

Mercury is glory due to intelligence and eloquence, but relatives and children abuse the position of the native. You can’t lie, otherwise he himself will become a victim of lies and gossip.

The more a person works on himself and removes negative qualities, the less problems Regulus creates.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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