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Rigel in the natal chart

Rigel is an incredibly beautiful star with a blue glow located on the edge of the foot of Orion, a constellation considered a warrior-hunter. In the horoscope, Rigel is manifested at 17° Gemini, and if there are planets and important points there, then the person falls under the influence of its energies. Symbolism is very important in the interpretation of the fixed stars. Legs are associated with speed of movement, independence, and constant movement.

Rigel’s epigones are Jupiter and Saturn , emphasizing the social sphere of its influence. Being a dual structure, it is nevertheless considered favorable, although depending on the aspect of the planets and luminaries it can both elevate the native and overthrow him from the heights achieved down into obscurity and material limitations. Such a person cannot rest on his laurels, because in order to stay at the top, he needs to constantly act, develop, and go only forward.

Features of Rigel in the natal chart

The star emphasizes the importance of speed of movement in human life. This is especially clear if 17° Gemini falls in the 3rd or 9th house . It is during trips and travels that important discoveries, events, and acquaintances will take place. With such indicators, a person cannot sit in silence and comfort, even if all other indicators on the map indicate the opposite. You will have to move around a lot, maintain connections with other people, correspond with them. When Venus and Mercury are well indicative , the native enjoys it. If this is not close to him, life itself will throw him into the thick of things.

When the star Rigel is conjunct with any of the planets, however, great attention must be paid to Mercury, as a symbol of quick thinking, communication and travel.

Being a conditionally favorable factor, Rigel attracts wealth, fame, a strong position in society into the life of the native, subject to the tireless development of intelligence, expansion of the circle of friends and flexibility in all these matters. Much depends on the position of the star in the natal chart:

Ascending – quick and easy progress to the peak intended by the native. Support from a spiritual teacher.

The culmination is the desire to wield power as a military man, businessman, priest or psychotherapist. Dependence on the approval of the one he considers a teacher. There is a lot of temper and protest on the way to success.

Rigel emits sufficiently earthly energies, without requiring exclusively spiritual growth from the ward. It occurs through the manifestation of the native in the material world and he is not required to be at the height of spirituality or come into contact with art. Here the emphasis is on good nature, openness in communication, as well as practical talents.

For example, a native may have a penchant for mechanics, design, drawing, sewing, which will also bring him success and prosperity, if he does not suddenly strive to climb to the top of the career ladder. Rigel helps a person in every possible way to show his abilities and get a return on them, because it was she who awakened them.

A person can achieve financial stability quite easily, but in order to live above average, he will have to constantly fight for a place under the Sun, either move upward, or change jobs, since the location on the foot of the Hunter Orion in any case implies movement, and the native himself chooses: according to vertically or horizontally.

Of course, if the owners of the card tend to be creative and there are a lot of pointers on the planets and their aspects, then Rigel will not interfere with this, but will ensure wide popularity in the social circles desired by the native. Therefore, to determine its influence, the entire map should be analyzed.

Negative influence of Rigel in the natal chart

Any fixed star cannot be a favorable patron if its ward violates the rules of the game. Rigel does not welcome laziness and slowness, hanging in the comfort zone with a bird in hand.

The native either will not achieve anything that he could, or will fall down from the conquered peaks. Activity should be shown in the theme of the house where the star is located. This is where indecisiveness and slowness will lead to losses.

Negative aspects to 17° Gemini create problems with the musculoskeletal system, dislocations and fractures of the feet and legs are possible if the native shows a lot of negative emotions, does not know where to go in life, and takes it out on others. Even minor irritation causes problems with the heels, they begin to hurt, or a person accidentally steps on a button, spike, or glass. This is an indicator of the wrong movement in life.

Conjunction of Rigel with other planets

Planets in aspects with a star concretize its influence in certain areas. A sure sign of prosperity and high social status will be a position on the Ascendant and the Midheaven Meridian in an exact conjunction.

Sun: glory and success in the military and political fields for men, for women in pedagogy, astrology and business. Success in competition and in battle. Lots of ups and downs.

Moon: success in the pursuit of medicine, astrology, literary creativity alternates with a period of disappointments, illnesses, and trials.

Venus: Marriage to a wealthy partner, honors and wealth in the first or second half of life.

Jupiter: success in law, diplomacy, church organization.

Mars: active life position, applied talents: mechanics, jewelers, carpenters.

The connection between Rigel and the higher planets is not so clearly felt in terms of events and is more expressed in ambition and the ability to plan one’s success.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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