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Saturn in the 1st house of the relocation chart

The only way to look into the future before the proposed move is to study the relocation chart. When a person changes their place of residence, the planets also move to other houses. Another thing is that you don’t need to consider the moving horoscope separately from the natal chart , it will always be primary for prognostication, but you can see exactly where the event lines will move, especially since there are planets that can make very strong negative changes, and it’s also better to learn about them in advance.

Of course, the main limiter and tough teacher is Saturn . Wherever he stands, he will have to learn humility and austerity. However, the relocation map also shows in which areas this will happen in a new place in order to prepare and mitigate karmic lessons. Saturn in the 1st house will affect the physical body and personality of a person, but do not immediately be scared. If there are no negative aspects, perhaps the strength test will pass with dignity, and the native will finally set comfortable boundaries for himself, getting rid of excessive isolation, or vice versa, he will cease to be a servant of others.

Features of the transition of Saturn to the 1st house of the relocation chart

A lot of terrible things are often written about Saturn, attributing to it a destructive effect on the sphere of the house where it stands in natal, or where it moves when moving, forgetting about its positive influence. It is more pronounced if there are positive aspects, but even opposition and squares can be translated into a productive channel if you think over the tactics of behavior in advance.

Traditionally, Saturn in the 1st house of the relocation map forces a person to limit oneself in one way or another in funds, food, and spending. The native begins to think seriously about the future, to look soberly at the present. We can say that rose-colored glasses fall, and the world appears on a real scale.

Of course, many experience the collapse of illusions painfully, while others, on the contrary, quickly switch to practical work to change reality. It is this attitude towards Saturn that explains the fact that to one it brings good, and to another depression.

Much also depends on which house in the natal chart Saturn moves to the 1st sector of the relocation chart. Since only the grid of houses shifts, both clockwise and counterclockwise, most often the planet of karma moves from the nearest 11, 12 and 2, 3 houses, although other options are also possible.

When moving from the 11th house, a person will have difficulties if he wants to open up in a team from the very first day. He will feel out of place in a big company, but at the same time he will have to be in the spotlight. Here, it will depend only on his willpower how much he will accept the rules of the game and become his own, or choose the role of a loner, and with a negative aspect, even an outcast.

A similar state will be experienced by the owner of natal Saturn in the 12th house. This is initially a sign of loneliness and karmic working off, and when the planet moves into the 1st house, the person begins to annoy the intrusion of other people into his solitude. On the other hand, now he himself chooses whether to be alone or purposefully go into communication.

The transition of Saturn from the 2nd house of Natal to the 1st sector of the moving map encourages a person to save money, go on diets, and choose a strict, prim style of clothing. And it happens imperceptibly, but it is true. The native himself limits precisely his physical needs, for example, he does not buy delicious food, but saves up for long-term projects.

The movement from the 3rd house of the natal chart leads to an independent and voluntary restriction of the social circle to the most faithful and devoted friends. The native now sets boundaries himself and does not allow gossip in his presence, may not participate in corporate parties that are not interesting to him, and keeps a dry relationship with his neighbors.

Saturn in the 1st house relocation charts and appearance

Saturn is a slow planet and therefore one should not expect instant changes in appearance, but after about a year the native will find that he has lost a lot of weight. This will certainly please overweight people, but those who are naturally thin will unfortunately feel exhausted and as if dried up. Saturn in the 1st house of the relocation chart promotes harmony, but depletes the thin.

Young people begin to look older and more serious than their years, movements become angular and abrupt, in addition, the manner of behavior changes: a person turns into a stern, laconic person, laughs less.

Knowing in advance about such an influence of Saturn, you can easily throw off the mask of an unsmiling melancholic, purposefully visit cheerful companies, watch comedies more often. Under the influence of the planet, the flexibility of the joints gradually disappears. This can also be compensated through regular yoga and dance classes.

The negative influence of Saturn in the 1st house

With regard to the afflicted Saturn, it is fair to say: do not wake famously while it is quiet. If he moves into the 1st house, then a person from slender and youthful gradually turns into an old and haggard one, and he will always look older than his years, but of course this will not happen immediately, so if the move does not last long, then it is quite acceptable to live in this place, but here a long stay will trigger chronic diseases associated with those houses from where the aspects affect the planet. Also, a person will feel forgotten, lost, underestimated by everyone. It will be difficult for him to accept any benefits for himself.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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