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Saturn in the 10th house of the relocation chart

Moving is an important matter, a person always doubts whether it will be better in a new place than in the previous one, and sometimes painfully compares different cities in order to understand where it will be more comfortable or more promising. The relocation (moving) card will help dispel these doubts, because it clearly shows in which area luck awaits, and most importantly, where difficulties and trials will inevitably occur, the indicator of which is Saturn .

Despite the unequivocal negative in interpreting the influence of this planet, it brings not only destruction. It all depends on the aspects. It is the square and the opposition that create incredible tension and stiffness in matters of career and achievement of desired goals, while the positive aspects will give perseverance and hard work.

Features of the transition of Saturn to the 10th house of the relocation chart

To build a moving horoscope, it is not enough to enter new geographical coordinates. The most important thing is to correct the time, it must correspond to what it was at the time of birth, taking into account all the amendments. Only then the relocation map will show the correct picture, when the planets remain in the same signs, and the grid of houses itself shifts in one direction or another.

The tenth house, in which the Meridian of the Midheaven is located, the highest point of the horoscope, is responsible for the professional destiny of a person, his advancement in society, the ability to build a career and achieve his goals.

Saturn certainly makes all these processes difficult. Another thing is that sometimes it depends on the personal choice of the native. If he does not want to work for a positive result, the planet of karma will teach him this harshly and ruthlessly.

Much also depends on which house of natal Saturn moved to the 10th house of the relocation chart. Most often, he moves from the nearest 8, 9, 11 and 12.

If in natal the planet of karma was in the 8th house, then a person will have a difficult time working in the field of finance. He will be in strict submission to those in power, and he himself will invest in his own business, if he succeeds, then at a very old age. In addition, the 8th house is associated with magic and esotericism, and Saturn imposes a ban on their occupation, especially if the Descending Node is located there, at the same time, a person becomes subject to the evil eye and damage. In the process of reaching the top, he often attracts enemies and saves on everything.

The transition of Saturn from the 9th house of natal brings difficulties primarily to students and teachers. They are not loved, not accepted in their circle. They find it difficult to study and public speaking. Since both houses are responsible for fame and honors, the achievements of the native are not noticed, unless the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are strong in him.

The movement from the 11th house of natal also makes it difficult for the fulfillment of cherished desires in a new place of residence. But if earlier it concerned everything, now it is difficult to break through to the top, become a boss, receive well-deserved awards and the sympathy of the team. This is not fatal, but the opposite result requires very large energy costs.

If Saturn comes from the 12th house, then the native may simply not be noticed. Everyone was awarded, noted, but they forgot about him. He can be very good, but he is shunned, and it is difficult for him to be a warm and open person himself. This is a sad state of affairs for creative people. Salieri comes to the place of the inner Mozart, there is no inspiration, only routine work.

Saturn in 10th house relocation and career charts

Very often, this position of the planet is interpreted one-sidedly: since the planet of karma and restrictions is in the 10th house, it means that you will not see a career under any circumstances. This is true only when Saturn is badly afflicted, when there are several oppositions or squares to the Sun or the ruler of the 10th house.

One quadrature, on the contrary, will give inner excitement – to defeat circumstances at all costs. One opposition will create tension that can be redirected towards achievement. The problem is represented by multiple negative aspects. It’s really difficult to talk about success, popularity, and most importantly recognition of merit.

If Saturn is aspected by trines, then the native slowly and surely moves to the top. His advantage will be diligence, responsibility, diligence and punctuality. However, too many Saturn trines also create laziness, blocking the desire to work honestly.

Saturn in 10th house relocation charts, goals and parents

The planet of karma does not transfer its influence to a new place instantly. It will take at least a couple of years before a person notices that he cannot easily and unhinderedly go to the goal, because either internal resistance is turned on, or external circumstances do not allow this to be fulfilled. Obstacles arise from the sphere of that house which is ruled by Saturn. A person may fall ill suddenly before an important event or meeting, on the eve of defending a dissertation or participating in a significant project. He fails his exams or suddenly realizes that he is so embarrassed that he cannot even utter a word.

Also, in relations with the mother and mother-in-law, coldness and misunderstanding suddenly appear. The native thinks that this is the effect of distance and separation, but this is the effect of Saturn.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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