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Saturn in the 12th house of the relocation chart

After moving to a new place, the fate of a person begins to change significantly. There is a clear explanation for this, recorded in the relocation chart. The planets remain in the same signs, but the grid of houses shifts clockwise, and sometimes against it. Thus, the symbols of good luck, happiness and misfortune also shift their focus to new areas. Of course, the birth card is always more manifest, and at first it is she who acts, but over time, a person begins to react differently to reality and the circumstances of his life will also change significantly.

Saturn always limits the affairs of the house in which it stands. Getting into the 12th sector, it affects the freedom of the cardholder, interfering with his creative and professional expression. This does not happen immediately, but the circumstances created by this situation are very difficult to overcome.

Features of the transition of Saturn to the 12th house of the relocation chart

Since the 12th sector of the horoscope itself is not the most joyful place of isolation, illness, loneliness, then any planet, getting here, seems to lose its bearings, and Saturn especially, because in the watery kingdom of Neptune it is very uncomfortable for him.

True, if the 12th house is in Capricorn or Libra, the planet of karma is more favorable to the ward.

Here it is important to take into account the features of the relocation map.

Only the grid of houses shifts, the planets remain in the same signs and degrees, so the psychological component remains the same, but it will have to manifest itself in completely new conditions, for which the native may not be ready. Therefore, first you need to consider the natal chart and the specifics of the manifestation of Saturn, which he will later bring to new spheres.

Most often, the planet of karma moves into the 12th house from the nearest 10, 11, 1 and 2 sectors, but as a rule, this is no coincidence and is closely related to the development of generic programs. If a person intuitively chooses a place of residence in which Saturn finds himself in this particular sector, then in the sphere of affairs of the natal house, his ancestors made a big mistake.

The transition of the planet of karma from the 10th house to the 12th speaks of an abuse of power. In the family of the native, they clearly misused their official position or were proud of their exaltation. Now a person will have a period of humility, because one should not expect great achievements.

If Saturn comes from the 11th house of natal, then in the family someone sacrificed principles for the sake of their dreams, did not think about the desires of others, was an egoist, and now all the aspirations of the native are stopped from above until he learns to first sacrifice, and then receive .

Movement from the 1st house also speaks of selfishness and vanity. Now the native is simply not noticed, it begins to seem to him that he is wearing an invisibility cloak, but the old tactics of behavior with drawing attention to oneself due to purposefulness and seriousness no longer work. In an effort to understand what people want and how to become necessary to them, all the answers and keys to happiness.

The transition of Saturn from the 2nd house indicates dependence on material values in the family. Someone was ready for anything for the sake of money and deprived their loved ones. Healing comes through getting rid of greed, charity, a sincere desire to give gifts and do selfless deeds.

Saturn in the 12th house relocation charts and living conditions

The planet of karma affects primarily the internal state of a person, and through it external circumstances change. The native gradually becomes more and more gloomy, he is not interested in being among people, communicating, traveling somewhere. Of course, much depends on the positions of the Sun and Moon. The stronger they are, the less destructively Saturn influences. But if there is a negative aspect, then its impact will be inexorable: living conditions are deteriorating, there is a possibility of losing an apartment, health, and the usual social circle.

Of course, one cannot exclude getting into prison, hospital and isolation wards, but for this you need at least three indicators, so you should not worry too much when meeting such interpretations of Saturn in the 12th house. However, it gives an increased chance of encountering the above even during busy transits. In any case, a person does not leave a feeling of loneliness, even among people, internal constraint and unwillingness to improve their living conditions block the favorable lines of the life scenario.

Such a situation is good for a priest, a monk, a missionary, therefore, in part, the native will need to introduce an element of service into his life, to voluntarily sacrifice something in order to mitigate the impact of Saturn.

Saturn in 12th house relocation and health charts

First of all, the planet affects health through psychosomatics. The native falls into despondency, pessimism, which affects the immune system, takes a long time to go to the doctor. The following symptoms can be noted, which appear after the first year of life in a new place:

  • loss of strength, stiffness of movements, exacerbation of osteochondrosis;
  • identification of chronic diseases that did not bother before, but now made themselves felt, for example, rheumatic back pain, sciatica, hernia in the spine;
  • increased sensitivity to cold, decreased pressure, constant colds;
  • problem with teeth, bones, tendons.

Since Saturn in the 12th house involves frequent visits to hospitals, you should not expect serious occasions. A regular voluntary examination will help the native, and it is also possible to organize preventive treatment in a sanatorium, a course of droppers, injections with vitamins to increase immunity in order to compensate for the destructive effect.

Also, it will be possible to alleviate the situation by visiting any symbolically closed premises with a Neptunian theme: pools, churches, physiotherapy. A lot of good will bring yoga classes of any orientation.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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