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Saturn in the 4th house of the relocation chart

When a person moves to an unfamiliar place to start life from scratch, he will sooner or later come to the need to draw up a relocation map . Its essence is that the grid of houses shifts depending on the new geographical coordinates and the planets end up in other sectors, which greatly affects the events in life, although it does not exclude the primacy of what is recorded in the natal birth chart.

However, there are times when it is impossible to ignore the relocation map data. This is just the transition of Saturn into the 4th house of the moving horoscope, which almost always becomes a powerful warning about the great difficulties with housing in this city. If there is a choice, then it is better to prefer another place, since here there will be not only a problem with the apartment, but also the likelihood of a break with the family, parents, and in some cases even a threat to life is not ruled out.

Features of the transition of Saturn to the 4th house of the relocation chart

The birth chart is always a priority in terms of events, however, given that in the horoscope of moving the planets move to other houses, most often the tasks of the natal chart are solved precisely through the spheres of affairs of the new location.

Saturn is a slow planet and its cunning is that changes do not occur overnight. At first, a person may not feel that something is wrong.

Depending on the initial data of the card and personal karma, 2 options are possible:

  • the first year or two everything goes smoothly, you can even find or buy an apartment, albeit a secondary one, or in an old area, but nevertheless, solve the issue of housing, but then problems begin, one after another, as if from nowhere;
  • Difficulties immediately arise precisely with housing: a bad area, pipes are constantly breaking through, the neighbors are unpleasant and rude, and against the background of the impossibility of arranging life, conflicts are already occurring in the family.

Of great importance is also the position of Saturn in the natal chart . Most often, it moves into the 4th sector of the horoscope of moving from the nearest 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, and it is necessary to synthesize this data.

If Saturn fell into the 4th house from the 2nd, then it will not be easy for a person to get used to a new place of residence. His housing will somehow affect the level of salary and vice versa, there may be excessive spending on rent, or all the money will be spent on repairs.

The transition from the 3rd natal house affects the immediate environment of the native. Here, unpleasant elderly neighbors are possible, who do not allow them to live in peace, as well as various tense situations at work, when a person comes home only to spend the night and cannot spend time with his family.

The movement of Saturn from the 5th sector of natal primarily affects relations with children, the native cools towards them, their pranks annoy and cause a desire to punish. Joy seems to be leaving home, and romance is leaving marriage. Life becomes the cornerstone. This also happens more than once, so if a person is not familiar with astrology, he finds himself in an icy Saturnine captivity, and then it is too late to unfreeze the faded emotions. There is a high chance of divorce. Unmarried people lose interest in life outside the home, often sit alone in the four walls and miss the chance to meet someone.

If Saturn was in the 6th house, this is one of the indicators for working at home and isolation from communication with colleagues, or a person becomes such a workaholic that he literally lives at work and only comes home to sleep, respectively, there is no time left for loved ones.

Saturn in 4th house relocation and family charts

This sector is traditionally associated with the family of the native: the one in which he grew up and which he created himself. In any case, over time, changes occur here, partly related to the factors described above, because the natal house also affects what is happening, but the bottom line is that the 4th house is angular, which means that everything that is created here is of crucial importance. Thus, divorce could be avoided if the native went to another place, and loneliness could also not take place if, when moving, Saturn fell, for example, in the 9th house, and not in the 4th, because of which the native simply I don’t want to leave my apartment, or she de-energizes him and there is no strength to organize leisure.

Sometimes it happens that the owner of the card has to move with his family just to the house of his parents, where they fall into the harsh conditions of old-fashioned rules and conventions.

Saturn in the 4th house relocation and housing charts

Most often, problems with housing cannot be avoided. The exception is the presence of sextiles, but they portend only happy opportunities to find a completely reliable living space in a respectable solid house. Whether the native will be able to use them is a matter of personal luck. Trin is not a guarantee of success here, on the contrary, it can give laziness and unwillingness to change something, when the native lives quietly in an apartment with a leaky roof and cracked walls, absolutely not understanding what his family does not like, or simply does not want to spend money on repairs and beautiful furniture.

If there are negative aspects, then they do threaten with the prospect of being left without a home and material stability.

Study of Saturn in the 4th house of the relocation chart

What to do if you need to go, and the position of Saturn portends problems? First of all, purposefully bet on Saturnian values: sign a contract with a realtor, carefully checking all the data, independently choose an old area with a reliable reputation, an apartment with a good history, without crime, illnesses of residents, and here it is advisable to focus on the strong qualities of the manager 4 Houses. If this is, for example, Venus, then create beauty with your own hands: make a good repair, plant a lot of beautiful plants, decorate the house with various figurines, accessories, while it is desirable that there are theaters or beautiful restaurants nearby.

If Mercury, then put up shelves with books, modern technology, and so that there are libraries, schools, universities nearby. In this way, the negative influence of Saturn can be compensated.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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