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Saturn in the 7th house of the relocation chart

Life in a new place will always be different from what it was before, but it’s not just a different environment. When moving, the usual position of the planets in the natal chart changes, which means that sooner or later, a person will have to act in unfamiliar circumstances, where the methods of response known to him do not work. In addition, there are new sources of luck and difficulty.

The main limiter of the desires of the native is Saturn . In any area, he narrows the choice or even deprives him of it, makes him endure hardships and pass tests. He is especially strong in the houses of relationships: 5th and 7th. With a negative aspect, it brings divorce and a complete loss of interest in a partner. The native fails to cooperate fruitfully, he falls into loneliness from which it is difficult to get out, and in addition, his life partner is also in danger.

Features of the transition of Saturn to the 7th house of the relocation chart

Depending on where exactly Saturn was located in the natal chart, important events will take place in the new place of residence. The fact is that the birth horoscope is always primary, and those restrictions and deprivations that Saturn provokes do not disappear anywhere. There is a certain synthesis of the influence of the planet, and in the first years after the move, the natal chart still dominates.

With the introduction of new geographical coordinates and time of birth, the grid of houses will shift clockwise or counterclockwise, respectively, most often Saturn moves into the 7th house of the relocation chart from the nearest 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, but of course there can be a lot of options.

With a displacement from the 5th house, relationship problems do not disappear, but, on the contrary, receive a logical continuation in marriage. This situation is often the case for those who initially fell in love and met with not the most suitable person, and later continues to endure difficulties after the conclusion of the union. If Saturn touches on the topic of children, then the illness of the child causes quarrels and divorces, or the infertility of one of the spouses puts an end to the marriage.

The transition of Saturn from the 6th house to the 7th promises difficulties in dealing with clients, cooperation and joint ventures. The exception is positive aspects. In other cases, problems cannot be avoided, and they will have to be resolved in court.

The movement of Saturn from the 8th house of the natal chart includes the karmic line of marriage. A lonely native meets a person with whom he has to work off ancestral debts or problems of past lives. At the same time, partners are teachers, through pain and difficulties, the native comes to realize his own value.

If the planet of karma comes from the 9th house, this is the easiest option. In this case, foreign partners will either be a source of problems and should be avoided (in the case of negative aspects), or vice versa – they will become the key to getting rid of ancestral debts. With positive aspects, marriage with a representative of another culture will bring good, but if there is a square and opposition, you should not start either a business partnership or a personal relationship.

However, these aspects in any case bring difficulties and are the basis for elaboration.

Saturn in 7th house relocation and marriage charts

The planet of karma loves the formalization of relationships, so Saturn in the 7th house is not always an obstacle to marriage. Another thing is that the native himself begins to overestimate the requirements for a partner, to consider that he is unworthy, to look for some lofty ideal.

If a person has low self-esteem, he, on the contrary, will believe that something is wrong with him, he is not destined to be happy, and the slightest failure in a relationship or business partnership brings him a lot of torment, which, however, he carefully hides from everyone.

If a woman or a man with Saturn in the 7th house is already married, then the planet will cause less harm than if the owner of the card only dreams of meeting a soul mate. However, divorce is also not excluded here, or, on the contrary, the impossibility of gaining freedom from each other, when it is already difficult to live together and it is impossible to divorce due to various circumstances.

With the positive aspects of the planet, it is not recommended to get married before the age of 29. Otherwise, difficulties in marriage cannot be avoided, in addition, there is a version that karmic partners meet before the age of 29.

In addition, the owner of the card can connect fate with a person much older than himself, and if they live in this place for a long time, then even a young partner visually ages quickly.

Saturn in the 7th house of relocation and business partnerships

Not immediately, but after a certain time, a person feels that the doors of possibilities are closing before him. This happens when he tries to organize his own business, but he needs partners.

If he has already moved his business, then the situation is simpler, and even better if he is the only boss and sponsor. If you want to introduce an equal partner, a tug of war inevitably occurs and later the division of profits.

If there are positive aspects, then everything is not so bad, especially if the native in the first year gets down to business and organizes a business. The influence of Saturn usually begins later, sometimes after several years, so the native may have time to become the sole owner.

In this situation, it is undesirable to have a family business, since troubles will also begin with the marriage partner regarding material issues. When negatively aspected, it will be difficult for the native to enter society and win over influential people, therefore it is better to do this immediately, without waiting for the restrictive influence of Saturn on the sphere of affairs of the 7th house.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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