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Saturn in the 9th house of the relocation chart

The relocation chart is drawn up in order to visually see what future awaits a person in a new place, what is radically different from his previous life, where everything will go like clockwork or stall. All this of course shows planets in new houses and their aspects. Saturn is traditionally considered one of the planets, the position of which is checked by the owner of the card in the first place, because it is in the place of his stay that he limits favorable opportunities, teaches harshly and without condescension.

It is believed that the position of Saturn in the 9th house is the most optimal, here it causes the least harm. A person simply withdraws from religion, philosophy, higher education, but does not suffer physically. However, if the purpose of the move is to study or teach, success may not be expected, or it will come very late.

Features of the transition of Saturn to the 9th house of the relocation chart

Wherever the planet of karma rises, restrictions, hardships, and sometimes suffering, are inevitable. It is extremely difficult to choose an ideal place for life, wherever Saturn educates and harms, in any case, this or that sphere finds itself in the grip of harsh boundaries built by a strict old man. The only thing you can do is prioritize.

Saturn in the 9th house of the relocation chart does not pose a danger to health and the physical body, but endows the native with narrow-mindedness and narrows his thinking to a fanatical devotion to one idea. Only in most cases it is simply indifference to religion, philosophy, study and travel. A person is well in his narrow world.

However, much still depends on the natal position of Saturn. The birth chart always sets the eventfulness, the accents of which shift when moving to other areas.

Most often, Saturn moves into the 9th house of the relocation chart from the nearest 7, 8, 10, 11 houses.

The movement from the 7th sector of Natal makes adjustments to personal life. The native may become obsessed with the desire to associate life exclusively with a foreigner or a representative of a certain country, decisively cutting off other options. For the sake of marriage, such a girl will easily refuse to complete higher education or change religion. A man’s beliefs are also influenced by both business partners and life partner.

The transition of Saturn from the 8th house to the 9th is a karmic working off, and as a rule, the choice of the place where such castling takes place is also not accidental. The native family had problems with higher education, nationalism, fanaticism, and now a person subconsciously tries to return the experience of the past or go through it on his own. This also means the need to take out a loan for education or the inability to graduate from the paid department of the university due to lack of finances.

If Saturn comes from the 10th house, then the native student will not arouse sympathy among the teachers, they will try to flunk him in the exam, be biased. The same goes for bosses. Any power perceives a person as limited and boring.

The transition from the 11th house is psychologically the easiest to bear, but the plans of the native to study at a prestigious institute or live abroad will be extremely difficult to carry out.

Saturn in the 9th house of relocation (moving) and education charts

If the native only plans to enter a university or came to study on an exchange, this is definitely not the best option for moving, especially if there are squares and oppositions, which almost always means the inability to graduate from a university for a variety of reasons. Of course, the planet of karma does not turn on its influence immediately after a person leaves the plane or train, but the longer he lives in this place, the more obvious will be various difficulties and difficulties.

The same applies to high school teachers and university professors. If Saturn is in the 9th house of the relocation chart, moving to another country is also undesirable. Of course, if there are trines, then happiness is possible in the end, but the native will always feel uneasy from the feeling that something is not given to him, that he is limited, that he is deprived of certain benefits, subsidies, despite the fact that he may like the country very much.

It is important to understand that if there are no other options and you still have to go, then there is only one way out – to study tirelessly, according to a clear system, work, study foreign languages diligently, respect other people’s values and faith. Only then will Saturn soften its influence.

Saturn in the 9th House Relocation and Religion Charts

Often a similar situation is found in the map of priests, their wives and nuns. This is a strict religious service, or a fanatical obsession with some idea, the perception of oneself as the chosen one, and the rest as a common gray mass, far from the truth.

It is very difficult to communicate with such people, and it is impossible to convince them. Moreover, it does not matter whether the native is an adherent of religion or an atheist, he will go through with fire and sword against dissidents with the same fervor, will argue harshly, with hidden hatred and the prospect of revenge. Of course, at a high level of development, a person simply lives by his service and is ready to die for the idea that inspires him, but at the same time does not impose it on others.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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