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Selena (White Moon) in Pisces – love that heals the Universe

The White Moon bears two names: Selena or Lulu, symbolizes the location of light karma in the horoscope, opposes Black Lilith , showing ways to transform dark energy. Being in Pisces, it denotes a mature soul completing the cycle of rebirth, but the craving for criminal temptations, because of which it is easy to break down, will be great. It will take the crystal purity of thoughts, faith and willpower to resist the dark forces.

For this, the guardian angel from childhood awakens in the soul of the owner of the White Moon in Pisces a feeling of compassion and mercy, sometimes deliberately attracting painful situations and difficult circumstances. In this incarnation, the Higher powers will take away evil people, alcohol and drugs, fanatics from him, but there is a danger of a misunderstanding of good intentions that will lead to hell. It is necessary to constantly listen to the inner voice so as not to accept evil in white clothes for the light of truth.

The saving influence of the White Moon

Selena in Pisces gives a subtle and incredibly sensitive perception of the world. Recollection of previous lives appears in colorful, realistic dreams. In the past incarnation, the native was an example of the second commandment, because he loved his neighbor not only as himself, but also more: he devoted his life to serving in monasteries, hospitals or leper colony, took care of prisoners of concentration camps, preferring a solitary existence according to the laws of the righteous.

Continuing to observe moral laws, it is possible to complete the cycle of reincarnation and provide descendants with a kind of wonderful karma for centuries. The gifts of Selena in Pisces, expressed in various aspects of behavior and circumstances, will help here:

  • an acute feeling of anxiety and trouble when communicating or looking at a dangerous person and joyful inspiration when meeting a future friend and like-minded person;
  • prophetic dreams, where answers to important questions are given or a course of action is indicated for achieving success in a metaphorical form;
  • an innate understanding of psychological motivation and typology of people;
  • adherence to high humanistic ideals, the desire to help the sick and the poor, which is easily exploited by fraudsters and selfish manipulators, if the native does not yet have spiritual experience;
  • talents of a psychic, musician, artist, singer and poet, whose creations are filled with light energy vibrations, inspire souls, lead them to light and hope;
  • the gift of a healer: from the ability to choose words that return optimism and faith in the best, to treatment with hands, herbs, prayers;
  • in the highest incarnation, the native, with one appearance, disperses the painful situation and tension, drives away enemies and intriguers from himself and friends.

The guardian angel contacts the ward through the ministers of religion, doctors and spiritually enlightened people, creative personalities. In communication with them, insights and answers to inner searches occur. The source of energy for the bearer of Selena in Pisces is the element of water: the endless ocean or sea, as well as music. They will remove negativity, damage and fatigue.

Three levels of karmic manifestation

Every seven years, the White Moon rewards for loyalty to the positive qualities of the constellation in which it is located. Reward for good deeds comes as unexpected gifts from unknown friends, healing, an influx of funds. It is important for the native to develop a feeling of sincere, disinterested love for the world, nature, and man, expressing it both in warmth and in concrete actions: care for the environment, material and spiritual help to the old and sick. Paying attention to the solar Pisces in the environment, you can determine the weak points of the character and understand at what level of karma the soul is:

1. The lower – sensual and impressionable native easily unravels omens, other people’s and own dreams, foresees the future. He often has to choose between good and evil, since occult abilities attract many who want to enrich themselves at their expense. Using gifts for evil, the owner of Selena in Pisces risks being left unprotected in the position of a victim.

2. Average – a person is actively looking for ways to apply creative and energetic talents, firmly choosing to serve the Light Forces. He believes in the rational principle of the Universe and knows how to get in touch with angels through prayer and meditation. Charity and creativity, benevolence and love for one’s neighbor take him to the next level.

3. The Highest – clairvoyance and healing of the souls of criminals, victims of black magic and physical violence, the ability to actually reprogram the inner world of a person, cleanse the aura from darkness, put healing vibrations in the notes and letters of the work, awakening from depression.

The karmic task of the carrier of the White Moon in Pisces is to achieve world harmony and the victory of good.

Important aspects with other planets

The rulers of the constellation Pisces are Neptune and Jupiter, respectively, the fulfillment of the native’s mission facilitates favorable aspects with them, giving a subtle artistic perception of art and a lot of talents, a harmonious sense of justice, sympathy of higher people, mercy, the ability to set global goals and achieve them.

Selena’s connection with the Sun will make its owner a spiritual leader or a famous musician, artist, actor, with the Moon – a doctor or healer. Dangerous opposition and in general any configuration with Lilith, attracting dangerous black magicians, adherents of sects, tempting the native. However, subject to moral laws, his personal safety is guaranteed.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Selena in Pisces:


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