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Selena (White Moon) in Scorpio – white magician and warrior of light

The White Moon is the antipode of the Black Moon , the guardian angel of the horoscope, showing the source of the greatest good and the “green” corridor of unhindered receipt of what you want. Every seven years, she bestows good luck on the ward and strengthens protection if the native shows the highest qualities of the character of the sign of the location of Selena or Lulu according to the second mythological designation.

The owner of the White Moon in Scorpio has a difficult time, because in a past life he fought bravely with black magicians and insidious criminals, protecting the weak, and repeatedly overcame temptations by the power of dark forces, which, on the one hand, makes him a real wizard who should think about desire, how it comes true, and on the other hand, it is still a tasty prey for adherents of evil.

The saving influence of the White Moon

The native will have to constantly choose between light and darkness, continuing to fight for a just cause. Sitting in a quiet place will not work, because Scorpio is the abode of Lilith, and she will not stop provocations in order to lure a strong magician to the dark side.

The White Moon gives protection against damage, slander and astral attacks, the criminal plans of enemies are broken against the powerful aura of a charismatic leader, who has every chance to become, but in the case of a pessimistic and weak-willed character, Selena’s defense weakens over time, and the Black Moon, on the contrary, awakens aggressiveness and irascibility, attracting dangerous situations and representatives of the criminal environment.

The karmic task of the bearer of the White Moon in Scorpio is to replace animal instincts, in particular the irrepressible thirst for sex and pleasure with thrills, with pure divine love, respect for the light in everyone’s soul, and direct the sword to destroy evil and injustice. This may require self-sacrifice for the sake of a higher idea or the safety of loved ones, but most often it will be necessary to develop and use Selena’s gifts in everyday life:

  • the ability to intuitively calculate criminal, black designs and potentially dangerous people;
  • quick reaction and lightning-fast parrying of a threat, calculating hundreds of options for getting out of threatening situations, which manifests itself in extreme incidents;
  • the ability to change the nature of people, if the native himself underwent a spiritual transmutation of consciousness or retained the memory of his past incarnation, where he was a spiritual teacher, a light sorcerer and healer;
  • an innate understanding of psychology and the selection of the right words to comfort and support those in trouble: the more time and effort is devoted to this, the more powerful and brighter the aura and karma become;
  • the appearance of spiritual mentors and patrons from the field of medicine, military affairs, law enforcement agencies, lending a helping hand in difficult circumstances;
  • success in professions related to surgery, chemical and metallurgical industries, banking and finance, construction and military politics.

A large number of solar Scorpions in the environment symbolizes the weak development of Selena, but they also mirror the qualities of the native’s character and show what exactly needs to be changed for the better. The guardian angel of the horoscope often appears in a dream in the form of a snake, a spider, a fantastic monster, whose words you need to listen to and remember.

Three levels of karmic manifestation

People with Selene in Scorpio draw their energy while visiting bodies of water with a dangerous history, like Loch Ness, the night sea or cemeteries, where they unconsciously come into contact with the wisdom of the Universe and reflect on the eternal, relieving the heat of earthly passions. It is recommended that the native maintain self-control and noble behavior in order to maintain the protection of the White Moon, which manifests itself depending on the level of karmic awareness:

1. Lower – a person experiences dislike or aversion to witchcraft, debauchery and perversion, weaklings and whiners, seeking to cultivate willpower and organizational talent. If suddenly there is a desire to do something illegal or take revenge with the help of black magic, Selena blocks it up to illness or injury. Her protection lasts only until the moment when the sum of good deeds committed in the past is equal to the bonuses received. Therefore, you need to help people at least as a psychologist and comforter.

2. Medium – the native uses the support of the Light forces to develop financial success and accumulate esoteric and psychotherapeutic knowledge, through which he helps others to get on their feet. He gathers a team of like-minded people and actively fights evil in the real world and on an invisible front.

3. The Supreme is a white magician of the highest plane, who perceives the dirt and pain of the world as his own, and therefore he does not expect rewards and applause when he wins another victory, saving the victims of violence. At this level, the native is able to heal his own body and other people with a single thought or prayer.

Important aspects with planets

The rulers of Scorpio are the complex planets Mars and Pluto, which, under the influence of the White Moon, endow the ward with courage, strength, excellent external data and nobility of the soul, and overcoming laziness and doubts, he becomes the embodiment of the fabulous Emelya, who should say magic words, and the dream comes true immediately.

The negative aspects of the White Moon with these planets make him a servant of the powers that be, or, due to circumstances, he is forced to humble the ego and serve narrow-minded, petty people, without being able to show his gift. A favorable aspect with Uranus gives the opportunity to receive support for original and bold projects, and any configuration with Lilith complicates the fulfillment of a karmic task, forcing one to fight against temptations and dark magicians.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Selena in Scorpio:


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