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Shaula in the natal chart

Shaula is a powerful and strong triple star, thousands of times brighter than the Sun, lambda of the constellation Scorpio, projected in the natal chart at 24° Sagittarius. It crowns the conventional tail of the star Scorpio, it is no coincidence that it is called the sting, and destroys everything that matters to the native in the sphere of the house where this degree falls. First of all, it should be said that this happens with an extremely precise connection with a planet or house cusp .

The energies of Mars , and partly Mercury , with the assistance of Shaula, attract a lot of dangers, from attacks by wild animals to inflammatory processes, complex operations, form asociality, mania of persecution, religious fanaticism, when a person cannot live without the persecution and destruction of dissidents. To compensate for influence, it is important to direct the energy of Mars to creation rather than destruction, although it is impossible to completely get rid of the fatalism of a fixed star; you need to learn to pass its tests with honor.

Features of Shaula in the natal chart

If you look at the characteristics of a star in the natal chart from the point of view of karmic astrology, it is obvious that it appears in the charts of people in whose family there were persecutions of enemies of the people, the rich and wealthy, who were dispossessed and persecuted for a faith different from generally accepted standards. Now Shaula is creating a stream of trials and problems accumulated earlier. It would not be amiss to analyze the position of Saturn and Lilith in order to understand exactly how to correct the situation.

Ancient astrologers believed that the native would certainly suffer from wild animals. Nowadays this is unlikely, but with this position of the star you should not come close to cages with bears, take pictures next to tigers or go on safari. However, now its influence is more often manifested at the everyday level:

  • involvement in quarrels, conflicts, demonstrative floggings from superiors, when someone else is to blame and the native suffers, public disgrace, loss of reputation and authority;
  • feeling like an outcast, alone in the crowd: no one invites you to birthdays, general holidays in the team, somehow the native causes hostility and rejection from other people;
  • the internal attitude that they are deprived, they do not give love, attention, gifts, certificates of honor, prizes and the like, everything is always not enough, although in fact the unfair treatment may be real, not far-fetched;
  • accidents in the mountains, while traveling by car, climbing somewhere high, to observation platforms, for example;
  • almost always indicates an operation to remove appendicitis when connected with planets in the sign of Scorpio, especially if the directions have an aspect from there to 24° Sagittarius;
  • immorality, unprincipledness, stupid recklessness, desire for self-destruction.

All these tests can be a consequence of a person’s internal aggression or the working out of ancestral karma, but they often occur on the path of seekers of truth.

The Hindus called Shaula Moola, which means “root”. At a high level of development of the native, the star encourages him to get to the bottom of the truth, look for meaning in current events, pull skeletons out of closets, which is typical for astrologers, investigators, detectives, and psychologists.

However, of course, many obstacles arise on this path, but they will not be so fatally destructive, because in this case there is a compensation for the energies of Mars and Mercury, thanks to their productive use.

However, such people are still perceived by others with distrust and fear, it is difficult for them to arouse sympathy, so they often live alone, without friends and family.

At a low level of development, Shaula pushes the native onto the path of crime, and in conjunction with Mars and Pluto he is found in the cards of butchers, mercenaries, and executioners.

Positive influence of Shaula

It is very conditional and small, but it should be noted that people with a pronounced Scorpio sting are very smart, they have a good memory and broad knowledge in various fields.

They are always under the influence of a certain idea, no matter whether it is destructive or great, but it is difficult for them to live without internal ideological attitudes. They even kill and destroy, being confident in the legality of their actions.

It is interesting that Shaula appears in the horoscopes of very rich people, but it is not noticed that this money brings them happiness. It also influences relatives and family members, involving them in dangerous trials of the native, but the main blow falls on him. It is interesting that one of the means of counteracting negative energies is silver jewelry, which must be worn in large quantities, in combination with stones related to the air element.

Conjunction of Shaula with other planets

If the star is in exact conjunction with the benevolent planets, Venus and Jupiter, there is a chance of lessening the negative impact. However, you should do a lot of charity work and transform aggression into business energy.

Very dangerous connections:

with Mars – the threat of death from the bite of a scorpion, snake, poisonous spider, attack of a wild animal;

with Pluto – the likelihood of being involved in massive natural disasters, revolutionary unrest, catastrophes;

Uranium – vehicle accidents.

It is important to be very careful not to allow the above things to happen, not to take unnecessary risks, not to travel to countries where Scorpios live, not to go rock climbing, skydiving, not to go to rallies, that is, to exclude potentially dangerous lines of events.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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