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Sheat in the natal chart

At 29° Pisces is the light yellow beta of the constellation Pegasus. Possessing Saturnian energy, in the Neptunian kingdom it takes on an ominous hue, foreshadowing danger on the water, especially during global disasters such as a tsunami or a shipwreck. However, we should not forget that for accurate prognosis it is necessary to find at least three more facts in the natal chart confirming this.

However, the aspect with Sheat does not always mean a collision with natural disasters. They may appear in a different form, for example, as fame and wealth, overwhelming the native like the waves of a storm, but in any case, he will have to endure a sea of negativity. Wallis Simpson, the beloved of King Edward IV, for whom he gave up the crown, faced such truly boundless indignation, and she lived a long life, albeit in exile, despite the tense conjunction of the Sun with Sheat .

Features of Sheat in the natal chart

If a fixed star creates catastrophes on a global scale, then it is not at all necessary that the native will be drawn into it. However, it is necessary to know about this so as not to provoke fate and avoid potentially dangerous places. For example, knowing the astrological significance of the tense aspects of Sheat, the owner of such aspects would not buy a ticket to the Titanic, even if he was sure that the ship was unsinkable, simply so as not to tempt fate.

Conjunctions of the star with the MC during transits triggered the first atomic explosion in 1945 and a powerful earthquake in Alaska in the 60s, and with Uranus and the Sun during eclipses caused severe floods, landslides, hail and storms. It was on these aspects that the largest railway accident occurred in India, and in Europe at that time there were fierce street battles. Sheat also took part in the formation of the disaster on the Titanic, which was also accompanied by an eclipse.

However, for an ordinary person, this aspect, on the contrary, is a sign of a sharp rise in popularity. Another thing is that people’s love can have two sides of the coin, some love fanatically, others hate.

If popularity cannot be expected due to the specifics of the work and the nature of the native, then perhaps inventions or any other results of his work will be famous for centuries. For example, Victor Hugo had a conjunction of Sheat with Mercury, and it was precisely the Neptunian theme of selfless maternal love, patriotism, betrayal, the poor and the outcast that made his works beloved all over the world.

Goethe’s and Nietzsche’s charts had Sheath conjunct Jupiter, which contributed to the spread of their works and philosophy like a flood. Thus, at a high level of development, a native with a creative bent and strong mental energy should not fear natural disasters.

Negative influence of Sheat in the natal chart

Of course, the main impact of Sheat is destructive and, as can be seen from the examples above, only truly talented and extraordinary individuals can avoid it and sublimate the tension into glory. At the average level of consciousness, the danger of drowning, suicidal tendencies and falling into the epicenter of an earthquake remains if there are negative aspects with malefic planets.

Having examined numerous charts of people who suffered in this way, astrologers came to the conclusion that it was Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in their negative conjunctions that triggered these events. The star also forms the curse of genius or fame, which simply poisons the native’s life, depriving him of simple everyday joys.

The position of the star on the cusp of the 8th house , as well as on the Ascendant , is extremely unfavorable – a person constantly finds himself in dangerous situations. Again, a lot depends on how developed his intuition is and how strong his will is. Having avoided major problems along the Sheat line, you can, on the contrary, get into the flow of great luck and engage in successful intellectual creativity.

Conjunction of Sheat with other planets

There are a lot of different interpretations that foreshadow terrible disasters when a star conjuncts Saturn and Mars, but from the examples of celebrities it is clear that this is not always played out as a violent death or death in childhood.

If there is no evidence of early death in the natal chart, then there is no need to worry about this topic. However, it is advisable to pay attention to additional nuances of connections:

Sun : the main thing is not to give up at the first obstacles. Success awaits in astrology, politics, social work, and danger comes from water and cars. Problems with the law are also likely; a person may be drawn into criminal matters.

Moon : danger on the water, you need to either learn to swim well or not approach the river at all. Problems with finances, in relationships with a mother who can literally drown in overprotectiveness and obsessive love, with women in general. There are many secret enemies, friendship is fraught with disappointments.

Mercury : a person can be set up by friends and relatives, there is a danger of spilling secrets and suffering from this, they can leak his correspondence into the public domain or slander him so that his reputation will be completely ruined.

Venus : danger comes from codependent relationships, big money, beautiful appearance attracts unpleasant events, envy, desire to discredit.

Mars : ambition, aggressiveness and assertiveness in achieving goals, thirst for competition and victories in these battles, which also involves a series of negative events.

Saturn : frequent colds and illnesses, bad luck, loneliness, a person is not accepted and does not want to help in solving his problems. Low income, and if there are additional indications in the form of negative aspects from the rulers of the 2nd and 8th houses, it is almost impossible to earn a decent income.

Continuous spiritual development and creative activities contribute to the harmonization of the influence of Sheat.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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