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Tenth House of the horoscope “Target point”

The tenth house is one of the most important houses of the natal chart. The top of this house (MC, Midheaven) is the highest point in the horoscope. It symbolizes the aspirations and career ambitions of people, without which they could achieve little in society.

All people are trying to prove themselves. The ultimate goal of these efforts is visible in the social status that they will acquire, as well as in the career or profession in which they will find themselves.

Thus, the keywords for the tenth house are social fulfillment, recognition, success and fame.

10th house and its characteristics

If the 1st house describes the image of people, then the 10th house symbolizes the appearance of them in society, the social role and mission that they perform. The planets and signs located in the 10th house will tell about how these owners of the horoscope will easily and quickly find their ways in life and realize themselves.

If the 10th house is influenced by evil and weak planets, then the path of man’s ascent is thorny and difficult. There can be ups and downs throughout life. In the case of influence on the house in question by strong and good luminaries (Venus, Jupiter, the Sun), people are often promoted up the career ladder, encouraged by their aspirations and supported by any of their undertakings. On the other hand, in this case there is a danger that these individuals will always wait for protection and help from outside, and their real achievements will not be so great.

Fire signs on the cusp (top) of the 10th house will tell that people clearly understand their goals in life and do not hesitate to express themselves in the professional field. People with Earth and Water signs on the MC are more secretive and hardworking. An air sign in a career house may indicate that a person will seek advice when choosing a profession.

The 10th house also denotes people who, in status, position or age, are superior to the owners of the horoscope. The characteristics of the house will determine how individuals relate to leaders and parents, and also reflect the attitude of superiors towards them.

If we talk about parents, then the 10th house is more associated with the mother. It depends on her attitude who children will become in life and whether they will be able to achieve much. In her attitude towards the child, there may be a desire to overly patronize, loyalty or excessive demanding. The future self-esteem of people and the realization that they deserve something in this world depends on her position.

A mother can praise her children or, conversely, suppress their initiatives. Harsh criticism and a disdain for their true interests, desires and aspirations will make it difficult for them to succeed, and it will be necessary to overcome many children’s complexes in order to finally understand what to strive for in life.

House value in compatibility analysis

When analyzing compatibility, it is important to see if the native’s planets fall into the 10th house of the partner’s horoscope. In business compatibility, this interaction is especially significant, since it emphasizes the working nature of communication between partners. In the marriage synastry of the planet in the 10th house, the partner will indicate the status and authority in the union, as well as whether he is respected in the family or, rather, burdened with numerous duties or underestimated.

Good planets (for example, Jupiter, Venus) of spouse in the 10th house of the native will indicate that she appreciates him highly, motivates him to achieve and creates all the conditions for his social realization. If we are talking about a boss and a subordinate, then the owner of good planets provides the native with all kinds of support, help and patronage in business.

Planets such as Mars and Saturn in the 10th house of a partner will talk about the high requirements, as well as about the constant dictate and control of the owner of the planets.

Lilia Garipova


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